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The War Against White People

After much thought and consideration, I have concluded there is, in many respects, a war against “white people”, the nuclear family, and what many call western values/culture*. We see these three areas often undermined in government, media, and academia. Allow me to elaborate:

It’s quite fashionable to equate capitalism with “exploitation” (whatever that means) and to denounce it as the root of society’s ailments and a departure from our “humanity”. Worse yet, it’s now becoming increasingly acceptable to explicitly promote and endorse egalitarianism and socialism (just tag “democratic” in front of it for now to smooth the transition lol)

Men, especially white men, are fair game as being the butt of the joke in television, movies, and advertisements. They are often depicted as bumbling, oblivious, ignorant, egotistical fools who owe their successes and sometimes their very survival to women. Of course, any mention of women needing men in any capacity (beyond procreation) is quickly shot down as backwards thinking misogyny.

It’s totally acceptable and, in fact, a sacred expression of hereditary pride for one to extol and protect the virtues of his ethnic relatives, the culture they share, and to encourage them to “breed/marry within the race”…..unless he/she is white. If a white person does this then he is seen as a white nationalist (this is somehow worse than someone who promotes the Cherokee nation or black nation…etc.) which is perceived to be tantamount to a backwards hillbilly white supremacist or jackbooted Nazi. Not only is it taboo for a white person to encourage other white people to marry or breed within their race, it’s now seen as “progressive” and “forward thinking” for white people to mix with other races. In short, it’s socially acceptable to encourage white people to racially mix but completely taboo for one to encourage white people to marry or breed with other whites.

The nuclear family is also being undermined. It is increasingly being viewed as “authoritarian patriarchal bondage” which should give way to “alternative” family structures be they polyamorous, single mother/parent, queer, or communal…etc. It’s very fashionable to be cynical about marriage (unless it’s gay marriage) and actively supportive of such alternative lifestyles.

One’s value and identity is increasingly being associated with his/her skin color, sexual orientation, and gender as opposed to his/her individual beliefs, accomplishments, values, and other personal merits. The perceived “lower station” of so called “oppressed groups” are attributed to some ill defined yet ubiquitous systemic privilege, patriarchy, racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, islamophobia,…etc. as opposed to their individual actions and choices. Thus, such collectivism is being promoted over individualism (as defined by the OED as “a social theory favouring freedom of action for individuals over collective or state control.”), unless appealing to individualism might suit one’s needs in a particular circumstance. Consistency is a low priority for such people (leftists) as we’ll see in the next point.

Finally, reason is being undermined in favor or polylogism a.k.a different demographics of people “having their own truth”. This makes it impossible to objectively critique any claims whilst having to respect each of them as equally valid (unless they deviate from the leftist narrative and/or are being asserted by a white cis hetero male). Feelings have now been elevated on par with, and in many cases superior to, reason and consistency. Double standards are readily accepted so long as they effect a “leveling of the playing field” whether by bringing white conservative men down or any other demographic up (typically the former).

Double standards and taboo topics always set off red flags for me. I don’t consider myself a white nationalist (I’m also bisexual), but I’m not blind to what is apparently a concerted effort to undermine white people, western values*, and the nuclear family. I know many of you have observed the same yet are afraid to speak out. I hope I can help inspire you to openly discuss any topic no matter how taboo. Please, do not be intimidated or bullied into silence.

*I’m defining western values/culture as encompassing rationalism, individualism (as previously defined), capitalism, libertarianism, monogamous nuclear families,…etc.

5 thoughts on “The War Against White People”

  1. hidden message about whites in this innocent sweet tea commercial?

    I enjoyed your book “A Spontaneous Order”. Would be cool to explore paths from the current political situation in the modern world to create an anarchocapitalist system as a separate volume to flesh out examples for ancaps to pool their efforts into. Possible title “How to get there from here?” Perhaps a collaboration with FreedomToons, Love Life Anarchy, Tom Woods, and/ or James Corbett.


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