Antifa Declares War on the West

Look, here’s the thing. All jokes aside right now.

They may not look like much, but a lot of money and effort goes into organizing radical left-wing groups like Antifa. Anyone can verify for themselves on Craigslist that professional “activism” can be a fairly lucrative profession for military and college-age leftists all over the country.

2017 is the centennial of the Bolshevik Revolution, and history appears to be repeating itself. This time around, ordinary, hard working Americans and Europeans have been unjustly cast in a role previously reserved for the Nazis. What’s more is that their accusers are ultimately responsible for the very crimes of which they are being accused.

After all, it wasn’t hard working people that created the welfare state, the implementation and continued existence of which has only been sustained through the export of monetary inflation — something that wouldn’t be possible if not for the dollar peg and the global war which sustains it. It was leftist voters and the politicians which bribed them who did that.

Unfortunately, the fact that they’ve been accused is apparently justification enough for the Call of Duty generation of snowflakes to take to the streets in a pseudo-reenactment of the communist propaganda through which Activision normalized and glorified the Bolsheviks. Ironically, their reign and alleged kill count dwarfed that of Hitler and the Nazis.

I’ve dedicated my entire adult life to furthering my understanding of philosophy, libertarianism, and economics so that I could help others do the same. My ultimate goal is to leave behind a more free and virtuous world than I inherited so that my children don’t have to endure the theft and violence that I’ve endured.

Please take what I’m about to say extremely seriously.

Antifa, By Any Means Necessary, Refuse Fascism and similar groups are not activists. They are not liberators. They are terrorists. They are useful idiots who are being used to impose what will inevitably be the most brutal iteration of communism the world has ever known, the implementation of which will begin with the complete subjugation and possible extermination of white conservatives.

These terrorists must be stopped “by any means necessary” (as they put it) if they continue to escalate. If they aren’t, they won’t stop with white conservatives. They’ll isolate and eliminate every K-selected person on the planet, at which point humanity will regress to its pre-agricultural stage — and that’s if we’re lucky.

Leftism is a suicide cult. Its subscribers are parasites. Their victory over us and subsequent purge of productive people may literally mean the end of humanity. This cannot be allowed to happen. The police must be unleashed upon those who violate private property norms, and restrictions on self-defense must be lifted.

The radical left constitutes a direct threat to everyone who values life, liberty, and property. We can’t afford to wait for the production of defense to be privatized.

This threat must be dealt with as soon as possible.

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