The Effect Of Leftism On Women

Women, as a whole, are trending ever further left and are destroying western civilization as a result. While I’m not condemning all women, I am seeing their time preferences generally shifting ever higher. Women are becoming less likely to defer gratification more than any time in recent history. This shift is correlating with the destruction of the West, mass Muslim migration, and rampant hedonism. This article will highlight the issues women and their high time preference are causing society. This is not to say men have no responsibility in these areas. Men’s passive attitude and willingness to capitulate to women is what has enabled these destructive trends. For example, women are becoming less inclined towards having children, raising a family, and fulfilling household responsibilities in favor of more superficial and materialistic ends. This shift in time preference is clearly evident when one takes into account the birth rate decline in western nations. The implications of this will lead to a destruction of Western values and traditions. 

There is an opportunity cost in every action taken and one cannot be in two places at once. So when one is taking a long getaway or when women are being encouraged by such films as Eat, pray, love to travel and live life with no care and responsibilities, then this comes at the cost of settling down and raising a family. The care-free or live life to the fullest mantra promoted by leftists is now revealing itself in various statistics. [1] According to Intrepid Travel, who booked over 100,00 US passengers for 2012,  63% were female (this is on par with the global figure of 64%).  The majority of our travelers are aged between 25 – 39 (46%).  So female travelers between the ages of 25 and 39 are their biggest market. Women in the peak of their sexual market value are trading in families for world travel. Previously, it was the norm that only after the children were out of the home did couples take the opportunity to travel.

Some will assert that this increase is due to women traveling with loved ones or partners. However, this is a faulty assumption as a majority of women are traveling alone.  [2] According to booking.com 65% of women are more comfortable taking vacations without a partner. The High time preference of wanting that quick vacation and the satisfaction of travel right away has placed families near the bottom of one’s priority list. The low-time preference women are generally more concerned with starting and maintaining a family and only after responsibilities were taken care of deciding to travel with their long term partner. [3] A birth rate decline is in effect that hasn’t been seen for over a century. there were only 62.5 births per 1,000 women of childbearing age. That fertility rate dropped even further, touching 62.3 births per 1,000 women in the first half of 2016 according to the CDC. This is not the time for drinks by the beach but a time where women need to get their priorities straight. [2]The Booking.com Solo travel report concluded this “travel the world first” trend is set to grow with over half (51%) of female solo travel fans saying they plan to do so again in the next 12 months. 

Now there was a time not long ago when we use to have men working and women raising children. The idea has been battered and morphed by cultural Marxists throughout the western world. It is now the norm to see women not in the home but out in the workforce. Which is what feminist would have you believe brings the most value to women. Deferring the gratification of today’s paycheck to produce future offspring and continuing the existence of human life, I would say is a bit more important. High time preferences of the left urge to satisfy the needs right away and the poison spewed by the leftist media. [1] 85% of consumer spending is women, meaning that the paycheck satisfies the needs immediately to their wants. Women generally make less than men for a variety of factors that have nothing to do with the feminist gender pay gap myth. In other words, they (women) tend to save less but constitute a majority of consumers. These are the habits of high time preference women.  However, if they were raising a family then they would not consume as many resources themselves. The kids would be consuming a major portion of the resources in the family. The father would be in charge of providing the resources to the family. The women would be in charge of raising the child as has been the norm since hunter and gather societies of human civilization. The feminist will say “well women are happier now due to their newfound freedom of working.” [4] On the contrary, researchers have found that stay-at-home mothers are happier than those who go out to work. This contradicts everything modern universities teach women. This information needs to be brought to light so that women may understand the benefits of accepting traditional roles.

The left has always attracted the youth with rampant hedonism. They have had young women in their crosshairs for the last century starting with the free love movement. This movement encourages “sexual liberation” (promiscuity) and low standards for sexual partners. These high time preference behavior the left entices the youth with is a deliberate attack on the family. Karl Marx believed that the nuclear family performs ideological functions for capitalism. As a consequence, the modern left is pushing to separate the nuclear family. The left uses women, who are the gatekeepers to sex, as a way to promote their agendas.  The leftist media promotes such “entertainment” like sex and the city or HBO show girls. This teaches women that “married life is dull and meaningless. The ideal life is to stay single as long as possible and not have a family. Explore your sexuality until you have no chance of reproduction at all.” These high time preference decisions have had dire consequences on our culture. [5] According to a study by the CDC in 2015 STDs are on the rise: rates of gonorrhea, syphilis, and chlamydia infections — STDs that federal health officials actively track — all rose in 2015. The CDC estimates that at any one time there are 110 million cases of STDs in the US when herpes and human papilloma virus infections, which are not tracked by the agency, are factored in the equation. The left deliberately keeps this information from women. [6] Another research by Institute of Family Studies found that having multiple sex partners prior to marriage could lead to less happy marriages, and often increased the odds of divorce. Women with 10 or more partners were the most likely to divorce whereas women with 0-1 partners were the least likely to divorce. The more women refuse to defer immediate gratification, the more they will destroy themselves and the future of western civilization. 

This article is not intended to attack women in any shape, way or form. Instead, it’s meant to educate women on why deferring gratification will produce a more productive society. This is not to say women cannot become lawyers, doctors, etc. Rather, it is to show women the other side of the coin which the left deliberately conceals and obscures. We need more courageous low time preference women who can say no to casual sex, and say yes to the family. These women must stand up and be a voice of clarity in response to the confusion brought on by leftist cults.  Women literally hold the power and fate of western societies within them. You can see the effect of declining birth rates correlate with politicians wanting to import immigrants from third world countries.  The politician’s mindset is if we don’t have future tax payers being produced by the local populace, then we need to import a culture that will.  This is done at the expense of preserving western values and traditions. We need women to turn off the leftist propaganda that is propagated throughout our culture, media, and universities. We need them to step up to the plate and preserve the western world and fight the left with what they hate most: family and tradition. This will be the most powerful way to defeat the left. A modern day shift from high time preference to low time preference. This will bring us closer to a libertarian social order.


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