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The Death of Mainstream Media and Globalism

There’s too much debt, ethnic tension, and territory to protect for the United States federal government to remain intact as a territorial monopolist of taxation and ultimate decision making.

The Federal Reserve’s government protected monopoly on the circulation of currency is probably the only thing holding the political union between the states together, but the cost of maintaining it is unsustainably exorbitant.

To prevent a collapse in international demand for the dollar, the United States needs for the dollar to be pegged to oil such that every other country must purchase dollars in order to purchase oil. This ensures that the governments of all countries inflate their currencies in unison, thereby allowing them to temporarily hide the deleterious effects of inflation in national debts.

Like all monopolies, this arrangement leads to increases in short term consumption, waste, and inefficiency. The more these costs accumulate, the more of an incentive banks and oil distributors have to break rank and cut out the middle man by bypassing the dollar.

To prevent this from happening, the United States utilizes its military to enforce compliance on the international stage. When smaller countries signal a preference for bypassing the dollar peg, they get invaded under false pretenses and their ruling regimes are replaced. When larger countries signal a preference for bypassing the dollar peg, they become the target of propaganda campaigns. All countries who signal a preference for bypassing the dollar peg are targeted by sanctions, the implementation of which creates incentives for them to work together (think Russia and Syria).

It’s difficult to enforce compliance and harder still to prevent price inflation from showing up in cryptocurrencies and precious metals. The dollar peg is going to come apart, and the federal government will shortly follow. When that happens, there will be a conflict between those who wish to dissolve the union, those who wish to keep it as it is, and those who wish to fold the federal government and its central bank into a transnational, global governance structure in a blaze of fake austerity.

The latter outcome would have been unavoidable under a Hillary administration, and the horror born of it would have been cheered by r-selected internationalists and leftists of all flavors. Had she been elected, her Supreme Court appointees and executive decisions would have facilitated the full and faithful execution of the Cloward-Piven strategy, irreversibly subjecting America, its people, and its resources to internationalists.

Fortunately, Hillary Clinton was NOT elected. Donald Trump may be a bit of a wild card, but his policy positions on jobs, borders, immigration, national defense, and foreign relations are all necessary requisites for successfully managing a sovereign debt default and subsequent repudiation without caving to a globalist banking cartel or a foreign country like Israel.

The best part: there’s not a god damn thing the media can do to pin the failures of Keynesianism or the Federal Reserve on him or the market. They burned all their political capital on a fake Russian collusion story and got predictably bullycided as a result.

The 21st century looks bleak for globalists.

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