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Unite The Right Rally: A First-Hand Account Of The Planned Chaos

Disclaimer:  Everything expressed in this account will merely describe what I witnessed, and in no way expresses any views I specifically have regarding how and what should have occurred. I want people to know what I, as someone with first hand experienced, witnessed, so they aren’t misled by the propaganda in the mainstream media. My attendance at the Unite the Right rally was solely for the purpose of observation.

The morning of the event I drove down with a few friends to Charlottesville, VA to experience the Unite the Right (UTR) rally. Unfortunately, due to some setbacks, we arrived in town about fifteen minutes before the scheduled event was supposed to begin. We parked at a hotel and began walking outside. Immediately we saw columns of men marching away from lee park which seemed strange. From my observation, they were UTR supporters in full battle gear carrying banners. We ran over to talk to them to find out what was going on. We saw many of them were wounded, suffering from severe gashes to their face and back of their heads. I asked one of them “what the hell happened to you guys,” to which he replied “Antifa, they engaged us and the police shut it all down!” From this, I knew something terrible had occurred.

I continued to analyze the crowd that was still pouring in down the sidewalk leading from Lee Park. More and more people had their faces covered in that white film indicative of mace. I remember seeing one man’s face so swollen he could barely open his eyes to see, while another medic kept asking him questions, “How old are you?” and “What day is it?” It wasn’t long until an ambulance escorted by armed state police showed up to take away some of the wounded. During all this I kept thinking: “god dammit am I too late?”

Suddenly, a guy with a megaphone started making commands, directing the rally attendees to keep marching onward toward McIntire Park. It seemed that was the fallback rallying point for when shit hit the fan. Since I was still trying to ascertain what exactly was happening, (and I could overlook riot police blockading the road they were coming from) I decided to follow them to where they were being directed. As we made our way down the sidewalks, citizens of the town came down from their homes with Confederate flags, shaking our hands and giving us a nod, almost as if they knew what we were there for and that something greater was at stake. Of course, I was not officially a part of the UTR group I was marching with, butstill felt as if I were amongst soldiers fighting for a common cause.

Eventually, we arrived at McIntire park where it seemed like the group, of which I would estimate at 200 persons, began to split off into smaller groups. Some took to rest under a large tree to give medical treatment to people who were suffering from trauma to the head. We stayed for a while, it seemed like people were still trying to figure out what was going on, and what they were going to do next. After a short while, we headed towards another street that was adjacent to the back end of the park. At this point, I noticed there was a pecuilarly placed mobile tower. I asked my friend who rode down with me, “Doesn’t that look familiar?” and he replied, “Yeah, that’s a Stingray, we used that in Iraq. They deployed intercept towers!” (Such towers are primarily used to pinpoint the locations of cellular devices.  In Iraq, they were used to follow and assess the travel patterns of insurgents.  They can also capture and voice and text message content.) Right then I knew this entire thing was a set up and the powers that be never had any intention of allowing this event to take place.

As we continued, some people ahead of us were scurrying back screaming “Go back, they called the national guard!”  At this point people were making comments that the entire area was being swept by the police and that any stragglers would get yoked up, some people even made comments that we were being lured into a trap so they could arrest us all. Then I remembered the mobile cell tower, “yep that’s exactly what they are doing” I thought.

I then suggested to my friends that we go back and see if we could gain entry to Lee Park, they agreed. As we were traversing back through the same set of sidewalks along the roads leading back to where we came from, we came into contact with other UTR rally men who kept saying the Police wouldnt intervene when ANTIFA were attacking. It was here I could get an account from someone who was there originally. They told me that ANTIFA were already set up in locations before the speakers ever got to the podium and were throwing bottles and spraying mace the entire path toward the park. The police then decided to disperse the UTR attendees back into the ANTIFA crowds, leading them through a gauntlet which then sparked the violence.

We then arrived at an area leading up to Lee park where there was a line of police in RIOT gear awaiting us. I thought “holy shit this is it.” The group I was with didn’t seem to have any intention of stopping. I was then that I saw a crowd of some 200 antifa, waving their communist flags and carrying bats/long poles, charge our flank. I thought all hell was about to break loose again. We kept marching toward the police, yet we veered off some side road that lead us to Main Street. The ANTIFA crowd followed us. We just kept walking and walking, and eventually received word that the entire city was in a state of emergency and that it was best to return to our hotels since it was obvious there would be no rally today. My friends and I then decided to head back to the hotel that was close by. It was then that I could hear screams, the ANTIFA crowd wasn’t too far behind us. We heard a large crash, and although I wouldn’t find out until later that it was a car that ran over some people, I did know that the commotion came from the ANTIFA crowd that was following us. At this point, my friends and I decided to depart from Charlottesville.

There is definitely more that could be said, but I wanted to keep this short and to the point. Take what you will from what I have shared.

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