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The Way Forward From Charlottesville: Civil War or Secession?

August 12th, 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia was supposed to be a day where a united right came together to promote free speech. The event titled “Unite the Right Free Speech Rally” had been set for months. The organizers even went through the proper legal channels to obtain permits and to coordinate with city council/local law enforcement in order to plan out a peaceful event.

So what happened? If you watch the mainstream media they’ll tell you that a bunch of violent white supremacists attacked “counter protesters.” This is far from the truth. The main stream medias’ ongoing agenda to spread cultural marxism accounts for the discrepancy between what was reported and what actually took place. Any evidence available to paint traditional conservatives (right wingers) in a bad light will be used and exaggerated.

What really happened was that the Unite the Right (UTR) activists were lead into a violent situation by the local law enforcement officers whose ostensible objective was to keep the group separate from any threats. Some will say that this was a deliberate plan by the city of Charlottesville as some master scheme to paint the UTR activists in a bad light and others will say this is State incompetence at its finest.  What is certain, is that local law enforcement’s failure to fulfill their stated objectives resulted in a war zone.

The moment a group of people exercising their right to peacefully protest are attacked by violent leftist groups like Antifa, BLM, and Black Bloc,  and subsequently labeled the bad guys for reciprocally using force to defend themselves, is when revolutions happen. In this case, it will be in the form of another Civil War.

The US is realistically divided into at least five different nations, all with different values, traditions, and views in which the State tries to bend to its will. Recently, this has proven to be a failing tactic as radicals from both sides take to the streets. As this continues to happen the State’s solution is going to be to use more violence to try and maintain the status quo, but as time goes on this will continue to add to popular resentment against the State which is already being ingrained into society. The reality is that the left and right can no longer live under the same government.

So, what is the solution you might ask? Secession. Yet another problem that can be solved by private property norms, secession would allow the separation of these different “nations” from the clutches of a “one size fits all” style federal government, shifting control from one centralized government to smaller, regional ones or in some cases none at all. Secession also allows hegemonic domestic relationships to be replaced with contractual and mutually beneficial foreign relations.

If anyone saw the footage of the police marching UTR activists through mobs of violent Antifa communists, then you can also see that the current arbitrary political boundaries must be changed. Large, centralized States have imposed a crushing uniformity on society. They are the actual enemies of diversity by forcing integration. Secession solves this issue by allowing voluntary separation. Voluntary separation is always more peaceful and beneficial than conflict inciting, forced integration because the nations formed are largely consensual ones. Under forced integration, Hoppe explained that:

“Any mistake can be blamed on a foreign group or culture and all success claimed as one’s own, hence there is little or no reason for any culture to learn from another. Under a regime of separate but equal, one must face up to the reality not only of cultural diversity but in particular of visibly distinct ranks of cultural advancement.”
-Hans Hermann Hoppe “Nationalism and Secession 1993

Imitating, assimilating, and improving upon the skills, traits, practices, and even rules of more advanced cultures all while avoiding those of less advanced cultures is critical for nations to succeed. Voluntary separation by way of secession was also well documented by Murray Rothbard in his essay “Nations by Consent: Decomposing the Nation State

“One goal for libertarians should be to transform existing nation-states into national entities whose boundaries could be called just, in the same sense that private property boundaries are just; that is, to decompose existing coercive nation states into genuine nations, or nations by consent…..In short, every group, every nationality, should be allowed to secede from any nation-state and to join any other nation-state that agrees to have it. That simple reform would go a long way toward establishing nations by consent.”

As all of us “radicals” know, secession has been well documented in the realm of Austro Libertarianism, but until recently normal everyday citizens have refused to talk about it. The riots in Charlottesville presented a case of why secession is needed now more than any other time since the founding of the United States. Our founding fathers knew when secession from Great Britain was needed. We as citizens need to start waking up to the reality that a great secession is needed again, before we find ourselves in a second civil war.

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