The Economics And Ethics Of THOTs

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THOT is an acronym which stands for “That Ho Over There”, but is commonly used as a noun to describe young and taut women of easy virtue. As our beloved Western Civilization descends into degeneracy, THOTs signify a tumescent symptom of our downfall. THOTs are a product of many decades of “sexual liberation”, cultural Marxism, radical feminism, the dissolution of the nuclear family, social-democratic economic policies and general high time preference behaviors subsuming our culture.

The Economics

THOTs are a net drain on society. Although they may be brought up in any social group, as individuals, they tend to be net consumers. THOTs generally work in retail, hairdressing, call centers or low-key modeling on social media. Less productive THOTs are either students or unemployed. On the whole, THOTs make meager economic contributions to society, working low-income menial jobs or being unemployed welfare claimants. Aside from the more legally “recognized” work, they may engage in infrequent prostitution or mooching, to satiate their crippling materialism.

No long term investments or savings are instructed by THOTs. Given their high time preferences, they often spend on more immediate goods such as cosmetics, iPhone screen repair kits, selfie sticks, Snapchat filters, Ann Summers paraphernalia, alcopops, blow and package holidays. This creates hefty demand for their lower tier consumer goods, driving the price of these goods skywards. They must, therefore, make half-hearted cries to #FightFor15 on their Twitter accounts, increase their parasitism and self-promote their nubile sexuality, in order to gratify their prodigality and materialism. This behavior sets in motion a vicious cycle of degeneracy to further their lifestyle.

Unfortunately, a fruitless life of promiscuity and carelessness would increase the odds of a venereal disease and single-motherhood, given a THOT’s predilection for a “bad boy”. Both outcomes place unnecessary strains on the taxpayer and for more funds to be funneled to OBGYNs. A minor VD is curable, but a child is generally for life. More often than not, the father of the child won’t stick around to be a parent (as the father is a “bad boy”), therefore; the mother must seek State assistance in order to raise the child. Children from single motherhood households are far likelier to commit crimes, dropout of school, suffer emotional and physical abuse, early puberty, and a whole slew of other difficulties. Furthermore, these children are more likely to emulate the behaviors of their mother thus perpetuating the burdensome THOT legacy.

The Ethics 

To be a THOT, one must have an impeccable appearance. The THOT must be ‘before the news’ when it comes to celebrity gossip, soap operas, pop music and other such trivialities. It is imperative for the THOT to put her needs before anybody else’s. In the meantime, the THOT must do as little as possible to add to her social capital while in the pursuit of her own self-interests. As Friedrich Hayek pointed out in the “Constitution Of Liberty”, many apolitical people closely follow the ideologies of philosophers and theorists they’ve never heard of. A THOT is very likely to be an unknowing disciple of Max Stirner, insofar as disregarding the unthinking, unfeeling world of “spooks” around them and doing whatever pleases their whims. At times, the THOT may seek companionship with other THOTs or douchebags, although the THOT really feels indifference towards them. Calling a THOT an egoist would be an accurate judgment. Friendships are only formed when they directly benefit the THOT, such as and not limited to, snorting blow in VIP lounges, guzzling pitchers of cocktails and stealing their steroid-abusing and tattooed paramours.

Apart from hyper-egoism, willful ignorance and aversion to self-education is an integral part of the THOT credo. In Britain in particular, THOTs pride themselves on their basest stupidity and derive comedic value from their ignorance. We now have an underclass of call center workers and hairdressers who revile intelligence and glorify drunken imbecility. At the same time, THOTs walk with an absurd level of uprightness, looking down upon anybody who has taken less than 6 steroid cycles, unpruned eyebrows, a noticeably fake tan or earns less than a C-list celebrity. Extreme vanity is fundamental to the THOT moral code, which complements their irrepressible egoism. Taking hundreds of selfies a day with a snapchat list brimming with clammy virgins, is an irreplaceable daily ritual for the THOT’s self-affirmation. Some THOTs awaken from their licentious trance and become productive members of society. But sadly, too many of them grow up to either find that they have children without a present father figure or that their ovaries have dried up completely. After all, the THOT life cannot truly provide her with true happiness unlike the cultural Marxists promise.

4 thoughts on “The Economics And Ethics Of THOTs”

  1. Is this satire? You are a thot if you sleep with random people, other than that you aren’t. Being a materialistic person, unemployed or even a single mother does not qualify you for a thot. Btw, liberation or not, most women don’t choose to sleep with many strangers. Unless you count having premarital sex as being a thot, there is no epidemic of thots. Could you first define what a thot is? “Woman of easy virtue” what exactly is that? And Im sure men you consider as “bad boys” who are dead bea dads could be considered as unresponsible people as well.


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