How to Achieve a Free Society

Many people have a hard time fathoming how, in the United States, we could come to eliminate the biggest threats posed to our liberty. In this article I will explain a few of the ways we can get closer to a new freedom, and be secure, as Frédéric Bastiat puts it, in our “Life, faculties [and] production.”


Those who have already taken to the ideas of liberty should, in the spirit of Rothbard’s recommendations, distance themselves from the “headline culture” of the Libertarian Party. We who believe in free markets and free minds should take to having conversations with anyone who is willing to listen to the principles of freedom. We need to reach out and inform, write books, educate the public, be open about our ideals, and continue to learn more  about our own theories in order to better understand them ourselves, rather than spouting off meaningless catchphrases and getting nothing done.

Peaceful Parenting

People who believe in the non-aggression principle should do their best to live it out as fully as possible. This includes removing entirely the usage and threat of aggression against children. It is not in line with libertarian principles to use force against the most defenseless people in society. To teach blind submission to authority is to surrender the mind of your child to the power of the State before their adult life even begins. Rather than hitting your kids, teach them to question authority, teach them peaceful resolution to conflict. Raising children who naturally view the State critically will produce the type of people we need to slowly dismantle the coercion and aggression of the State.


The final way to inch towards the end goal of liberty and property rights is to show others the benefits. Engaging in voluntary trade and innovating products and services which render the State blatantly obsolete is an excellent way to prove to others how prosperous and practical a free society could be.

How Not to Achieve a Free Society

We should not, as do “Antifa” and other violent groups, seek to promote our ends via aggression. How can we take a principled stand against the use of force, yet use it to get where we arbitrarily desire? We must also not pander or apologize to the left.  This has served to obfuscate the libertarian philosophy in the minds of countless libertarians, much more so than it has genuinely won over leftists to libertarianism.

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