The Bitter Harvest Of Feminism

Originally Published At Vox Popoli

Feminism is already a dead woman walking. All feminism has is shaming language and the State (ironically, ultimately other men) to keep men to the feminist line.

But now, increasingly, the shaming doesn’t work. And men are disengaging from society in general to avoid entanglements with the state; if you don’t get married, you can’t be divorced, if you don’t co-habit you can’t have half your stuff appropriated, if you don’t have children, you can’t be on the hook for child support, if you don’t enter the corporate world you can’t be be accused of ‘harassment’ and if you don’t date you drastically reduce your chance of a false rape accusation.

These are genuine threat points for men in the modern world that didn’t exist before feminism. It speaks to the feeble minds of feminists that they would think that men will simply carry on as they did when these threats did not exist. For the last 50 years men (mostly) still did. But that’s over now.

So men are doing what they have always done: survey their environment, understand it, and behave rationally according to it. Which means, increasingly, living their lives without regard to what women want. This does not mean living without sex, relationships or female company. Just that the investment men make in all these areas is being dramatically reduced.

As feminism reduces the value of women (in men’s eyes), so men are reducing the amount of time, effort, attention and money they are willing to spend for the declining benefits modern women now bring to their lives.

But the real news is that the true cost of feminism, first born by men, and then children, is now being passed on to women. Record numbers of women are living alone, record numbers of women are childless, record numbers are on psychiatric medication, record numbers are facing a life-time of wage slavery in grinding jobs that they can never leave. And still feminism spins these outcomes as the conscious choices of these women and as ’empowering’.

And yet, women’s self-reported happiness, across all classes, all races, all demographics is lower than ever since records began 50 years ago. Tellingly, for the first time ever, their happiness is also now lower than men’s.

But you do not need to read ‘The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness‘ to know this. Just talk to the increasing number of 30 and 40 year old childless spinsters one on one – not in a group – to get the REAL story. The REAL effect of feminism in the REAL world. These women don’t give two hoots about feminism, they are just wondering where all the good husbands, hell, ANY decent man, went.

Mostly, disgusted with what feminism has done to women, he walked away.

For the truth is that men don’t want to fight women, it goes against the core of what it means to be a man. But feminism thrust men into a fight that they neither started nor wanted. To the point that feminists are reduced to crowing about ‘winning’ battles that men never turned up for.

And even now, as feminism pushes and pushes and pushes to ever more absurd levels, as ever more restrictions are placed on normal masculine behavior, ever more insane definitions of ‘rape’, ‘assault’, and ‘aggression’ are drafted into law in increasingly desperate attempts to somehow, anyhow, cast women as perpetual victims – even now – men are still refusing to be drawn into a real battle.

That’s how deeply men do not want to fight women.

The sound of the final battle between the sexes will not be heard in the streets or legislatures. It will not be televised or reported. There will be no flags hoisted or victory parades. Because it is already in progress. It is happening all around us in plain sight, for those with the eyes to see it.

And men are deploying the most devastating weapon of all – indifference. In this final battle who cares least wins.

The time has come to reap the harvest of feminism, and for women the fruit will be bitterest of all.

It’s pretty simple, women. Either abandon feminism or abandon all hope of being wives and mothers. Because men will not abide feminism and you cannot force us to accept it. 70 years of a totalitarian government could not make communism work. And no amount of resorting to State force is going to make a feminist society viable.

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11 thoughts on “The Bitter Harvest Of Feminism”

  1. “Either abandon feminism or abandon all hope of being wives and mothers.“

    BUT I NEVER WANTED THAT, NEVER WILL, AND NEVER CAN! I HAVE NO MORE UTERUS AT 34 YEARS OLD AND CAN NOW LIVE MY DREAM OF SLOWLY TURNING MYSELF INTO A TYPE OF MAN, except with brown hair, brown eyes, no beard, and a much nicer personality than yours. I’ve never been happier, not even in childhood.


  2. I don’t have any desire to be a wife and mother, but I still recognize that feminism has destroyed the traditional family, which is the backbone of a healthy society. As long as all women aren’t forced to do something they’re not cut out for, there’s nothing wrong with promoting good healthy families with “natural” gender roles.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We need genetic screening, a Manhattan program for human reproduction, as Chris Langan calls it. Those who aren’t cut out for it are people like my father, who never cared about me and imposed his shitty genetics onto me. His mental illness, paining and ugly hunched back, small wiener and average IQ. What’s so great being part of the dregs of society? An ugly Quasimodo who basically waits for death? Because this is how I lived my life so far. I’m waiting to die. I felt like this since I’m 16, and I’m in my thirties now. Were it not for my Christian faith, I’d have committed suicide a long time ago. Survived a hanging attempt at 23, could have done it already at 19 or maybe sooner even. I always hated this world once I lost my childhood.


  3. And yet, these idiots, many even calling themselves “Christians” (!!), support the degenerate, vulgar, decadent “Pick-Up Artist” movement. They support the likes of Roosh V, Tomassi, Roissy and how these imbeciles are called. Even in this text — only the last paragraph is from Vox Day — the guy writes that this does not mean “going without sex, relationships or female company”. Well, this just shows what kind of horny retards you all are. Best have a child out-of-wedlock, wrecking this child’s life, like my asshole father, who forced his crap genetics onto me.

    Feminism is cancer, OK. But being a slave to one’s passions, even defending being a slave to it — which is what applauding PUAs and shunning MGTOWs entails — is dishonest and repugnant. Also, genetic is destiny. We need healthy, white people having children, not mentally ill retards like my father, who’s also ugly, with a hunched (and paining) back, and a small four inch penis (crap I have inherited).

    To hell with you sissies who cannot accept that g e n e t i c s i s d e s t i n y. If it weren’t for my Christian faith, I’d had blown my useless brains out a long time ago. This world stinks.


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