That Guy T: Yes, I’m a Gamer. Yes, I say N*gger.

It’s a reality that many aren’t willing to accept. From pearl clutching religious moralists to hyper-intersectional leftists, gaming culture has always been seen as something to sanitize & regulate. Attempts to ban prostitution from Grand Theft Auto or enforcing diversity quotas on Medieval RPGs are just a few examples of concern trolls tirelessly policing what isn’t theirs. But the truth is that gaming is a raw open source experience where you might see the occasional nipple. Minority representation in 7th century Europe might be lacking. And when some newb ends your kill-streak with a pistol, you might call them an offensive unsanctimonious slur.

Recently YouTube gaming sensation Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg or ‘PewdiePie’ found himself at the center of a heated controversy after he uttered a… colorful insult during a gameplay livestream. Whilst playing PUBG, a competitive third person shooter, the Swedish YouTuber responded: “what a fucking n*gger” live in front of thousands. Naturally, everyone was taken aback by the shocking display of insensitivity and “racism” from everyone’s favorite casual gamer. Especially the media who just a few months prior to this latest incident launched a campaign against the YouTuber for jokingly referencing Nazism in one of his videos. So Felix has since been under heavy fire consistently for his insensitive antics online. But, is the distasteful rhetoric everyone is morally outraged over really so outrageous?

Gamers are Savages

Look, as an African American gamer, I’m expected to take the most offense in regards to Felix’s “racist” outburst. But the truth is, I’ve been guilty of saying the same and sometimes worse.

You may not know this, but gamers are ruthless in their shit-talk. The live chat and voice channels, whilst intended for pleasant conversation among friends and coordinating player objectives, serve as a linguistic no man’s land. A cesspool of insults, slurs, and random profanities that could challenge even the most severe tourette’s diagnosis. I’ve witnessed and admittedly partaken in the exchange of racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, islamophobia, and probably even a few isms & phobias whose preferred pronoun has yet to be identified. And you know what? I enjoy every second of it.

Gaming culture is one that’s foreign to most mainstream standards of what constitutes civil discourse. You don’t react to loss with mild mannered grumblings. You don’t worry about promoting “inclusivity and tolerance” in the game. You react with irrational and ludicrous emotional eruptions. You promote unwavering social Darwinism where only the strongest compete. But perhaps most importantly of all, you don’t take it seriously.

The Hidden Therapy of ‘Racist’ Gaming

In gaming, the overarching consensus that unites all players is the universal understanding that it’s just a game. Interactions are exaggerated and ironically grotesque as a humorous exercise. One that may send the occasional 12 year old Call of Duty player screaming tearfully at his monitor, but for the rest of us, it’s all in jest and good fun. This sentiment is also true regarding that of meme culture. It’s why everyone with half a brain laughed at the Media’s unironic accusation of PewDiePie being a legitimate Nazi because of a joke made in his video. I mean come on, it’s just a meme bro.

In addition to generally understanding and appreciating crass humor, gaming culture also instills self confidence and maturity. I know it may seem that calling someone the “N-word” online wouldn’t do much in terms of positively contributing to their personal development. But I’ve been called a n*gger and much worse while playing my favorite video game. Sure it was uncomfortable and rage inducing at first, but eventually the constant irritation of my prior weakness became a recurring reinforcement of my newfound strength. Words don’t hurt me anymore and my emotional intelligence when dealing with the presence of bigoted or otherwise offensive animosity is impenetrable. Including the n-word, which I further explain in a video I posted about the topic.

In conclusion, gamers are complex. Our social norms often conflict heavily with that of corporate culture & politically correct society. Hence the term “Normies” used to describe all of the unenlightened cretins who attempt to shame us. We can be hostile, but we know how to have fun. We can be harsh, but we also know how to self regulate. Our community may at times seem toxic and cruel, but I can attest to the indescribable kindness and compassion embodied by most all gamers. Including PewDiePie. So to those most likely white liberal bloggers taking offense on my behalf over this non-troversy of a gamer saying the n-word I say this: Nigga please…

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4 thoughts on “That Guy T: Yes, I’m a Gamer. Yes, I say N*gger.”

  1. I agree that gamers use insults that may be 5deemed insensitive or offensive but the idea that using them more will take the power out of the word seems to be more of an individual effect rather than overall. The fact that you had to point out that you are black shows that even you recognize that this same message coming from a non-black person would be dismissed immediately. As a black gamer myself I dont care if im called a Nigger because although racism still exists its become a shell of its former self and I’ve never had to deal with bullying or harassment about being black. However that fact is not the same for everyone and while i dont care about racial slurs I will not then use that to make blanket statements about the entire community.


  2. Having fun, being a sore winner/loser, raging, throwing your controller through the door, thats what makes gaming great. Once a gamer always a gamer, those who’ve never raged or cursed outrageously haven’t truly experienced gaming.


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