Professors Are Priests, SJWs The Congregation

Universities have become a specter of what they once represented – higher learning, rational inquiry, empiricism and science. Today, universities are a bacchanalia of pseudo-science, mysticism and superstition. The meteoric rise of social justice, hailing from the New Left of the 1950s, has orchestrated a formidable cultural overhaul throughout Western universities.

The free speech movement of the 1960’s began at Berkeley and rather befittingly died at Berkeley earlier this year. So-called “Anti-Fascists” violently shut down a free speech event headlining Milo Yiannopoulos. But the campus crazies or social justice warriors have been at it for a while. Austrian Economist Hans-Hermann Hoppe took an early retirement from his position at UNLV for offending a student over his remarks concerning homosexuals having higher individual time preferences due to their biological inability to reproduce. If we were to get to the nitty-gritty, Hoppe was really pressured into an early retirement for holding unconventional views which contravene and demolish the prevailing radical leftist vista held by the majority of the professoriate. Charles Murray, the co-author of one of the most controversial books ever published, The Bell Curve; has been assaulted on campus. Other right-of-Lenin personalities such as Ben Shapiro, David Horowitz and Christina Hoff Sommers have been hectored while trying to deliver speeches. Famous comedians such as Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld and John Cleese – not exactly hailing from the far-right – all refuse to perform on college campuses, given the humorless, offense-taking and faux-victimizing nature of the special snowflakes.

So, why so serious? As I have previously mentioned, social justice and campus activism really started a groundswell in the 1950’s, in Critical Theory’s rise to stardom in Western University. Critical Theory goes by another alias “Cultural Marxism”, which is often smeared for being a right-wing extremist conspiracy theory. However, Critical Theory is the transposition of Marxist, post-modernist and post-structuralist ideals onto cultural issues in a Gramscian tradition, deconstructing every aspect of Western Civilization to such a point of unrecognizable demoralization, that communism could take over. For example, if capitalism has created our plenteous wealth, anti-capitalist regulations must be introduced and socialism offered as a suitable alternative. If Christian values cohered our society, atheism and anti-theism must be pushed wherever possible, creating a moral vacuum to be filled by the State. If the nuclear family is what undergirds society, every measure such as feminism, pansexuality and no fault divorce, must be taken to dissolve the family unit. Two major literary works by Herbert Marcuse, one of the original academics from the Frankfurt School or Critical Theory School, inspired major social change in the West. Marcuse’s ‘Eros And Civilization’ is often linked to inspiring the sexual revolution and ‘Repressive Tolerance’ is thought to have designed the blueprint to modern political correctness.

Social Justice, socialism, communism, social-democratism and every other imaginable shade of red should be recognized as a cult, as calling it a religion would deign to disservice religion. All of these ideologies ultimately concern themselves with one thing and one thing only; the skyward expansion of the state and proportionate negation of individual liberty. As Mises wrote in Human Action “Socialism is the religion of self-deification”, and every socialist believes that he/she/xe and only he/she/xe is capable of ushering in their utopian bliss. And more dangerously, not only will attempting to achieve these utopian ends be ineluctably totalitarian, they are bound to fail catastrophically every single time.

Economically, the left are perilously unsound. Ranging from the vitiation of private property to centralization of all economic decision-making. From communists to Keynesians, their economic track record has been nothing short of dismal. Communism everywhere suffered a proverbial economic prolapse. Keynesianism did the seemingly impossible in the 1970s and wrought stagflation, not to mention prolonging and deepening economic crises wherever these policies have been implemented. Moreover, leftists from all ilks have slammed economics as a “dismal science”. Marx referred to economic scientists as “vulgar economists”, Kropotkin compared economists to sophists protecting the interests of the bourgeoisie. As staunch determinists, any wealth disparities must be a product of prejudices, rather than innate biological differences. Therefore, enormous and constant State interventions are required to equalize these disparities, as seen through progressive taxation; which creates incalculable new social issues in itself.

Socially, everything the left generally advocates is an affront to conservative values which hold society together. Otherwise, the left promotes radical egalitarianism, whose premise only takes a five minute stroll down any major Western city center to detonate, quite literally these days. More ethnic groups, sexualities and genders are beneficial to the social justice left as it falsifies innumerable “victim groups”, which eventually a majority of society would feel allied to. In order to further the cause of each “victim group”, society must be increasingly divided. And eventually, each sub-group will begin to fight for their own interests, until a nakedly individual level is reached and the most groups possible are all battling over the reins of power. Multiculturalism and diversity are only celebrated to balkanize society, vote in big government politicians and to stoke feuds, eliciting more police presence and State power to settle newly arrived disputes. This is a thinly veiled attempt of divide and conquer, in which the State can grow like wildfire.


For a group who’re so passionate in their beliefs, they could not be further from the truth. All of their economic and social ideals have proven to have been monstrous and deadly failures. But when confronted with the evidence in a polite manner, they blithely ignore any proof that destroys their ideals. People have likened arguing with a leftist to “nailing jello to a wall”, because no matter what you throw their way, they’ll manage to wriggle out of the situation. Anybody who has a predilection for the market economy must’ve encountered the hallmark cop-out from leftists of “that wasn’t real socialism”, whenever one of the multiple failures of their ill-conceived economic system is brought up. It takes one helluva lot of faith in a system with such a pathetic record of failure, but the effeminate mindset of social justice warriors plays a significant role to the longevity of their beliefs.

Women, in general, tend to be more empathetic, caring and nurturing than men. It’s no accident that most social justice warriors tend to be women or effete, low-T men. Logic and reason can now rest on the back-burner while more immediate social challenges are met. “Why bother with sound economics, when there is human suffering at this present moment? Shouldn’t we abolish the market economy, where there are such marked income inequalities? Free speech should be seriously curtailed to protect the feelings of minorities from hate speech, if you disagree with such an agreeable proposition, you must be a Nazi and I do not care to hear your argument.” With such an ardent keenness to fix these problems, viable long term solutions are ignored as the fallacious belief that a panoptic State could mend these issues with no long-lasting consequences is offered by the professoriate.

Professors are particularly guilty of the social justice warrior movement and the gradual, but noticeable cultural decay in the West. By exploiting numerous students to act as their useful idiot infantry, the State may expand thus cementing their luxurious position in their academic ivory tower. Professors reprogram students to adopt Marxist dogma as their religion under the guise of education and learning. And in Stalinist fashion, professors with dissenting views are often purged from social science departments throughout the West, just like Dr Hoppe. If universities really cherished free inquiry and diversity being a strength, then they would gladly fling their doors wide open to both non-leftist students and professors. However, universities have remolded themselves into a frightful Orwellian structure, brainwashing literally thousands of brighter-than-average students. Ex-KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov famously revealed that those revolutionaries in academia and the media would be the first up against the wall if the revolution were to come as they knew too much. The minute detail that the revolutionary professoriate omit is the fact that they can’t all be in the party elite. And to quote Mises, “The worst thing that can happen to a socialist is to have his country run by socialists who aren’t his friends” – usually because they’re in a labor camp or six feet under.

There is one big thing in the way of the left’s grand schemes and big dreams; the right. The right are generally an improvised and reactionary political bloc, boasting an eclectic mix of ideologies. As standalone sub-ideologies, there is often little common ground between, say; libertarians, conservatives, anarcho-capitalists, individualists, fascists, alt-rightists, minarchists, monarchists, etc,. The one truly unifying feature is their defiance of internationalist socialism (and the ability to make dank memes, but that’s another story). Right-wingers are the eternal obstructionists to the left’s plans to inaugurate their history-ending utopia. The right is responsible for hampering ‘progress’, for impeding the left from tackling human suffering, for being the unabashed apologists of “evil” capitalism, for defending traditions and for being indifferent to inequalities. To the social justice zealot, the rightist is in essence a sinner, a heretic and a subversive.

But it runs deeper than just the left’s religiosity to their world views. The right tend to exhibit low time preferences behaviors such as self-edification, discipline, patience, economic investment, long term saving, career building, starting a family and being “squares”. The left tend to exhibit high time preference behaviors such as present consumption, thrill-seeking, hedonism, taking on unrewarding jobs/joblessness, partying, poor economic choices, unprotected sex, promiscuity and taking on poorly remunerative lifestyles. Furthermore, it can be argued that rightists tend to possess K-selected traits, whereas leftists tend to possess r-selected traits. Both of these genetic characteristics are competitive and tussle over superiority. K-selected beings are, on the whole, more passive than r-selected beings and therefore are less likely to fire verbose tirades to their political opponents. K-selected beings are more likely to adhere to a set of rules, laws or moral values when competing, r-selected beings are more likely to be insubordinate. One recurring feature of the left is to vilify their political opponent for not abiding by their own morals, but having no moral values to act by themselves. And remember, SJWs always project. Whatever they’re accusing you of, they are usually guilty of the very same charge.

All leftism to some degree is an egoistic religion of the exponent’s apotheosis to their own cult of personality. It is a mixture of unbridled arrogance and emotional insecurity. The leftist can manipulate and maneuver people around them as faceless and amorphous vassals, call it ‘correct’ and do whatever satisfies himself at the same time, while fabricating petty solipsistic excuses for their actions. Unlike other religions where deities are worshiped, in this religion, the State is worshiped. And who is the State? We are all the State, therefore I am the State. And to quote Ferdinand Lasalle, “the State is God!” 

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