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The Policy Of “Invade All, Invite All” Caused The Muslim Migrant Crisis

A letter written to Lew Rockwell from Stefan Lundberg: If I were a leader interested in destroying my own country, I would be at constant war in the Middle East, empowering terrorist groups to overthrow other leaders when it served special interests. I would drone bomb and invade to cause mass casualties and suffering. Revenge… Continue reading The Policy Of “Invade All, Invite All” Caused The Muslim Migrant Crisis

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Rothbard Vs. The Koch Libertarians (Cato Institute)

Originally published at the Austro-libertarian The following is an overview and summary of David Gordon’s three-part series (part 1, part 2, part 3) on the relationship that Murray Rothbard had with the Koch Brothers. Understanding the history of the liberty movement is immensely beneficial for the libertarian at all stages of his development. It teaches the nuances in theory… Continue reading Rothbard Vs. The Koch Libertarians (Cato Institute)

A Spontaneous Order

A Spontaneous Order: Insurance

Consider purchasing a copy of A Spontaneous Order: The Capitalist Case For A Stateless Society In a free market society, insurance will likely play a central role in the operation of many services ranging from security, title dispute resolution, the alleviation of the devastating effects of natural disasters, and more. Unfortunately, many people are confused… Continue reading A Spontaneous Order: Insurance

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Hyper-Individualism: A Libertarian Anti-Social Disorder

Before we begin, it would behoove us to define legal individualism and hyper-individualism, so there is no confusion between the terms. Libertarianism is very much about legal individualism, i.e. that the individual's discretion over his private property (whether that be his person or owned external good) takes legal precedence over the will of the State and… Continue reading Hyper-Individualism: A Libertarian Anti-Social Disorder

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Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Libertarianism, and White Nationalism

As you’ve probably noticed, Bitcoin has been skyrocketing (currently knocking on the door of $20,000 USD per BTC). It will likely correct downward at some point soon, but there is no way to know when it’ll happen, or how deep the correction will be. The money that’s currently moving into Bitcoin is of unknown origin,… Continue reading Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Libertarianism, and White Nationalism