On White Nationalism, White Supremacy, and Genocide

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Some clarification on “White Nationalism“, “White Supremacy”, and their relationship (or rather the lack thereof) to non-white genocide:

First off, being a White nationalist simply entails placing a premium on the interests of White people (other things equal) owing to a closer feeling of kinship with them. For instance, an ethnic western European White person is in closer genetic proximity with other Whites than he is with ethnic Subsaharan African Blacks. Whatever the reason, there tends to be higher trust between members of the same race than with members of other races (again, other things equal). This tends to effect lower transaction costs within one’s race, than with members of other races (ceteris paribus).

Hence, why people tend to feel more comfortable personally and/or professionally associating with people of their own race. This, of course, is fully acceptable and even commended with regards to non-whites. For them, this is extolled as a beautiful and natural phenomenon which warrants preservation (and rightly so I might add). However, whenever White people are explicit, or even implicit, about such an in-group preference, they are condemned as “racists”, “fascists”, “xenophobes”, and “Nazis” who are in dire need of a heaping dose of diversity or social ostracism. Of course, this diversity means impeding their ability to coalesce with other whites in any professional (and sometimes personal) capacity, whilst forcefully integrating them with non-Whites (who are often times less qualified, but to leftists, the addition of this so-called “diversity” outweighs the productivity lost and the conflict generated).

With regards to “White supremacy”, one must ask what exactly this means. As Austrians, we recognize that value is subjective. Thus, in a very technical sense we may conclude that White nationalists are White supremacists, Black nationalists are Black supremacists, Mexican nationalists are Mexican supremacists…etc. However, once one strips away the stigma attached to this word, he may realize this is a harmless position that ultimately represents a mere subjective preference or valuation. If, other things equal, one prefers the company of Whites and Asians to Hispanics and Blacks then this entails he subjectively finds Whites and Asians to be superior to Blacks and Hispanics (as a whole). Just as Blacks who prefer the company of other Blacks as opposed to Whites, or any other race, subjectively perceive Blacks to be superior (as a whole).

There is nothing wrong with this. Which race one finds superior (as a whole) is simply contingent upon the characteristics he values. For instance, a White nationalist/supremacist may just happen to prefer the unique combination (on average) of IQ and testosterone that Whites have to the combination of these traits when compared to Blacks, Asians, and Hispanics. Perhaps a Black man prefers the athleticism that Blacks tend to have on average when compared to Whites…etc.

White nationalists/supremacists also tend to favor traditional western values whose number of adherents are overwhelmingly White (for instance 94% of American libertarians are White). This may include Western notions of political individualism, the nuclear family, ingenuity, capitalism, the comparatively lower time preferences Whites developed (as a whole) owing to the colder climates they had to adjust to for thousands of years…etc. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this.

Finally, contrary to leftist propaganda, being a White nationalist/supremacist in no way entails a desire to eliminate or conduct genocide against other races. Moreover, it does not entail a desire to deny non-whites their own nations and lands with which to maintain their own respective civilizations. It doesn’t even entail a desire to never trade or conduct business with non-Whites.



It simply reveals a personal and/or professional preference for members of one’s race over the members of others as a whole. (Obviously, even White nationalists/supremacists may respect and prefer the company of a particular exceptional non-white, to an undesirable White person).

The bottom line is that sometimes separate is better. Inclusion and unity are not virtues unto themselves.

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