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Hyper-Individualism: A Libertarian Anti-Social Disorder

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Before we begin, it would behoove us to define legal individualism and hyper-individualism, so there is no confusion between the terms. Libertarianism is very much about legal individualism, i.e. that the individual’s discretion over his private property (whether that be his person or owned external good) takes legal precedence over the will of the State and other non-owner collectives.  This is a distinctly Western ideal. However, this narrowly defined form of individualism is often confused by others (namely lolberts) to mean that people should be atomized units who are able to maintain order without morals or responsibility to anything or anyone but ourselves.

This is the pitfall of hyper-individualism.

The definition of legal individualism is clearly consistent with, and in fact a necessary consequence of, Libertarianism.  Hyper-individualism, on the other hand, entails a complete disregard for civilization. This can be manifested by hyper-individualists in the following ways (in no particular order):

[1] Contempt for any and all law enforcement. (even if privatized)
[2] Complete disinterest and even mockery of morals and ethics.
[3] A disdain for Christianity and Christians.
[4] Sociopathic tendencies; Narcissism
[5] A disregard for cultural influence on individual success.
[6] A disregard for the importance of the nuclear family
[7] A belief that ancestors are unimportant.
[8] Lack of interest in history and its connection to the present.
[9] A belief that all DNA is equal and all individuals are the same.
[10] Disregard for societal norms, and values.
[11] Social isolation or becoming intertwined with other hyper-individualists (cough Larken Rose cough)
[12] Blaming collectives for all of society’s issues
[13] Calling anything reminiscent of Western values and culture “spooks”
These traits and beliefs are simply not conducive to building a Libertarian society.  On the contrary, they are more likely to create chaos within society and are liable to collapse civilization altogether. Think Rome.

Chaos is not the end goal of Libertarianism or Anarcho-Capitalism, but that of sociopaths and degenerates. We must examine this mindset, and it’s implications if we are to understand why we should fight it.

Why Hyper-Individualism Is Dangerous

Universalize it.

The key to knowing whether an idea is worth bringing to fruition.

Imagine living in a stateless society that has as much freedom as you can imagine. There are no rules, no responsibility, no social cohesion, no morals, no teaching of history, no family duties, and nothing but property lines that separate you from the rest of the world. A hyper-individualists dream. Let’s take this stateless, rule-less society to its logical conclusion. What could go wrong?

With no rules or enforcers of them, would the criminal/depraved elements of society have any reason to not be as criminal and depraved as possible?

With no responsibility, would individuals have any reason to contribute to society in any meaningful way? Why would you? You have complete freedom! Why give that up to become an engineer and help build something for society? No way.

Imagine no social cohesion, everyone is out for themselves. The division of labor would be crippled and trade would devolve into bartering or worse.

Imagine no morals, people would behave as degenerate as they’d like. Everyone else around them believes 100% in “leave others alone Libertarianism” and so as long as the NAP isn’t violated orgies in the street are perfectly fine. Women having 5 kids out of wedlock by 5 different men is completely fine. Men, instead of helping build society, would be left alone to use drugs and leave women after getting them pregnant. After all, he “only has a responsibility to himself.”

Without the learning of history, not only would monumental errors of communism and socialism arise again within this Libertarian society, but any and all advances in technology would be deemed as unimportant. Respect towards who created these technologies are looked upon as collectivism, since you played no direct role in the advances, you can’t possibly have any connection to the culture and civilization that fostered a respect for the scientific method and innovation.

With no family duties, all family units would eventually crumble into individuals who. while related, do not care to be apart of something that makes them subjugate themselves to the needs of their spouse and children. Pride is especially not permitted, because you played no role in your parents’ success, so that would be unthinkable. Once you are born, you are an autonomous baby, your parents rearing you to adulthood with values and guidance has no merit! Helping them in return is merely oppression.

Finally, if the only thing that matters is property lines, then what difference does it make if a drug cartel, a communist group or Muslim caliphate moves right next door to your house, rather than another individualist. The fact that their activities will lower your home’s value, and make others who care about individualism move away to seek more freedom from these authoritarian elements moving in, makes no difference! They haven’t violated your NAP! Yet. So until the day the cartel extorts you with guns to the head, communists begin a violent revolution or a Muslim caliphate orders you to pay a jizya, there is simply nothing you can do.  Of course, establishing covenant communities would enable you to restrict all unsavory or dangerous behavior without violating property rights or the NAP, but that sounds too much like statism and collectivism so this solution will be readily dismissed.

Wake Up Call to Hyper-Individualists

To the ones who do not want to see the collapse of society…

Property lines and private property rights alone are not enough to keep authoritarians from conquering you.

The only realistic solution, then, is to accept that a measure of individualism will need to be coupled with a reasonable amount of collective effort in order to make a Libertarian society viable and sustainable. We are intricately connected to those around us, we are social animals to the core, and we absolutely need others to survive and maintain civilization (not to mention our standard of living). This is incontrovertible. Being a part of a nuclear family, is important, as is being apart of a community, a culture, and a nation.

If a single link fails, then the entire chain becomes weaker. One less strong family unit makes a neighborhood weaker, and one less strong community makes a nation weaker…etc.  We can already see the effects of this today, by way of cultural marxism. We cannot afford to let this cancer continue to spread across the West and in the libertarian movement.

While it’s time to leave behind the nefarious beliefs of hyper-individualism, I am in no way condoning the extreme opposite which is, of course, hyper-collectivism or anything else to the detriment of private property rights. The individual does come first, but lets not throw the baby out with the bathwater. There is power to a collective unit, a strong family, a connected neighborhood, a connected town, and a nation working together with an appreciation of their culture.


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