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The “Open Borders For Israel” Challenge

Originally Published on Bionic Mosquito

I have a proposition for those libertarians who support open borders.  Write a defense of your thesis regarding the nation-state of Israel.  Make it convincing.  Get it published at one or more of the sites that regularly pound the table for open borders.

If the theory is valid and universal – as is claimed by many, if not all, of you – then you must find a credible application for Israel.


I am challenging specifically:

Jacob Hornberger
Sheldon Richman
Steven Horwitz
Jeffrey Tucker

The sites to which your defense should be posted include:

Foundation for Economic Education
Future of Freedom Foundation
Bleeding Heart Libertarians

So, the issue at hand: write your defense of open borders for Israel.  Publish it at one of the several sites that has no fear advocating for open borders.

Suggested Reading:  The Libertarian Case Against Open Borders

2 thoughts on “The “Open Borders For Israel” Challenge”

  1. Haha. Good one. Seriously, the Jews push multiculturalism to break down any possible strong nationalistic feeling on the part of any group anywhere in the world. But, hey do not expect them to drink from the same well they insist the rest of us (goy) to drink from.

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