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The Dying Libertarian Party

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The Libertarian Party (LP), is the political action wing for those who wish to implement Austrian economics, and property rights, right? It would seem, based on evidence ranging from policy preference, social media marketing, as well as conversations with higher level members within the LP, that the common agenda of many rootless cosmopolitans within the Party is geared more towards chastising police and championing social degeneracy including: drug use, sexual promiscuity, and fetishizing the transgenderism/nonbinary mental illness.

Basically everything which Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Stephen Kinsella, Curt Doolittle, and the Alt-Right have pointed out as “counter-productive degeneracy” or “liberalalalatarians” when it comes to these libertarians pushing their ill-conceived vision of libertarianism. A shining, prime example is that of James Weeks II, the Libertarian Party affiliate who stripped on stage live on television during the Party’s 2016 convention.

Libertarians that express such muddled views of ‘freeing’ the market by allowing any and all trespass everywhere, aside from one’s own individual person, are tantamount to left-libertarians. Some are honest and openly declare themselves as leftists whilst others explicitly deny that a “left” and “right” political spectrum even exists.


The rampant and excessive focus on hyper-individualism abandons the conclusions made from Western culture, Philosophy, epistomology, argumentation ethics, etc.

When it was founded in 1971 by David Nolan and his close allies, the LP was inspired by the writings of Murray Rothbard, Lysander Spooner, and other like-minded authors. The LP Later obtained funding from the Koch brothers, who were likewise inspired by Murray Rothbard.  Charles Koch was also a founding member of the Cato Institute.

The LP was founded due to concerns about the Nixon administration, the Vietnam war, and removing the US Dollar from the gold standard. In the beginning, the Libertarian party had a positive influence on the public debate which helped to shift the political discussion in the United States in the right direction.

In its current form, the Libertarian Party is primarily comprised of “Lolbertarians” or “lolberts” who are more obsessed with ending the ‘racist’ war on drugs, rather than understanding and implementing libertarianism proper as described by Rothbard, Hoppe, and others like them. These lolbertarians are the reason libertarians are seen as radical laughing stocks, for what they endorse and demand is hardly dissimilar to that of Green Party communists and leftist progressives. This leftward drift is inherent to any public political movement or institution which is not explicitly right-wing. According to Robert Conquest’s second law of politics:

“Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing.”

A simple example of this leftward trend can be found at, a website run by the Cato Institute. A piece titled: Why Aren’t There More Black Libertarians? showcased their neo-Marxist allegiances. Their argument being that since blacks in America have, and still experience government discrimination, that they should naturally be anti-government. This argument is built off the neo-Marxist assumption that there are no differences between the various races of man, and that we are all interchangeable. Never did it cross their minds that perhaps the reason why libertarianism appeals so much to the Faustian Spirit of Western Man, is due to the fact that it’s rooted in Anglo-Saxon common law, and is an expression of who we are as a people. Maybe, just maybe, the reason it doesn’t speak to other groups who happen to live in our societies is because they have no organic roots in it. It’s not part of their legal, cultural, or genetic heritage.

There’s also the IQ debate. Blacks, on average are two standard deviations below the IQ of whites, who make up the majority population of the United States, and are the group that pioneered, built, and created the legal system of this nation. As seen in Africa and places of black majority, they are not able to reliably uphold and sustain their own governments. With that lesson in mind it follows that if there is a welfare state, they would on average be reliant on it, not be its net contributors, nor does it stand to reason that many would be incentivized to advocate for the removal of said programs. This can be seen by their disproportionate reliance on government welfare programs such as, SNAP, etc.


Marxists and the rootless cosmopolitans that dilute the media and all lanes of popular culture enjoy cementing the idea that blacks and other minorities are under-privileged simply because white people allow it to be so. They promulgate the neo-Marxist theory that systemic racism, perpetuated by white people is the cause of all their ills, rather than actually making a genuine argument to address and understand those issues, they seem to always resort to the turn of the century tactic to promote anti-white and anti-western attitudes. The Libertarian Party, amongst practically all other political institutions operates within this purposefully flawed paradigm.

This is exemplified by Nicholas Sarwark, the current Libertarian Party Chairman, running for Governor of Arizona this year. He brazenly accused prominent libertarian scholar Dr. Tom Woods of being a racist back in 2017 for advocating Rothbard’s strategy of ‘right-wing populism’. Organizing as paleolibertarians to appeal to the inherent right-wing values that begot libertarianism itself, and allying with conservatives and Old Party Republicans to achieve victory against entrenched leftist programs like: welfare, mass third world immigration and social security. This speaks to the Alt-Right’s existence and origins: it is the Right organizing in a war against the revolutionary Left and against a highly corrupt establishment.

Within recent libertarian news, Sarwark has faced the allegation of being a “shadow CIA” asset of some kind. Further explained in this article here is possible evidence of affiliation with Stratfor; a geopolitical intelligence gathering platform. The Free Thought Project (FTP) shows Sarwark’s personal information included in a vast amount of emails leaked from the private company’s database. This could be interpreted as some kind of affiliation. What is inconclusive in FTP’s assertion is the purpose for Sarwark’s name being included in the documents, along with Republican Sarah Palin’s name.

Sarwark’s defenders claim that this is some kind of “conspiracy theory” or at the very least, an incomplete allegation. That, there is no evidence of any shady elements in Sarwark’s relationship with Stratfor. It could be anything from his office filing a magazine subscription to the company, to his own business deals. Ultimately, who knows? What this does show, however, is that there is a sentiment of mistrust towards the LP. FTP’s own views are not far from those who populate the LP, as described above. We would invite Nicholas Sarwark to make a statement addressing this affiliation if he wishes to do so.

Another example of leftist entryism and subversion is the campaign of Matthew Kuehnel, a self-proclaimed “libertarian-socialist” who is running for the Chairman position of the Libertarian Party using blatantly communist propaganda. Examples such as, “workers of the world UNITE!” and slogans declaring that “rent is theft”, among many other openly communist sentiments. It is beyond absurd that a man who runs on a platform that openly rejects private property norms is able to run for a high ranking office in the Libertarian Party without any scandal.

Yet, when Augustus Invictus, a rightwing libertarian from Florida and now publisher of The Revolutionary Conservative, ran for senate in Florida there was a veritable outcry.  High ranking members quit and complained to the media in disgust, declaring Invictus was a fascist because of his campaign logo that had a Roman eagle and a picture of a fasces on it. Despite the controversy, Invictus denied any fascist sympathies and instead made an oath to uphold the values of the LP uncompromisingly. Yet, no similar uproar has occurred in response to a candidate who not only uses communist symbols but is openly communist and seeks to undermine the very foundational principles of private property that the LP is built upon. The term libertarian, at least in the contemporary American context, implies private property norms. Thus, if someone of this character is able to gain traction within the Libertarian Party, then the LP’s slogan as the ’party of principle’ is empty and meaningless.

Whatever the case may be, the LP has been definitely infiltrated by those who are not libertarians. They use the influence of the private property based philosophy to further pervert achievable goals, replacing them with short-term, high time preference favoring policies.  It seems it’s time for a new kind of movement.

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2 thoughts on “The Dying Libertarian Party”

  1. Niskanen Institute. Gillespie claimed Stalinism isn’t communist. They tried for Romney. Weld is more leftwing than Hillary but LP didn’t call him out for joining the GOP like Invictus. Sarwark claimed Mises is the choice for literal nazis even though even non-literal aka neonazis generally hate Mises Institute. Mercer proposed UBI. Niskanen’s vice worked for Obola. Larry’s manager proposed so-called “Anarcho-Keynesianism.” Chairs said not only is WN the enemy but that antifa is an ally. Many are pro-war. Pro-rent controls pro-lochner. They think Goldwater endorsed violence. They apply Coase for Rawls. Sufficientarian is literally the description of Keynes. They ignored the bio of Mencken. They claim even speaking of cultural marxism is a microaggression when they don’t freak over sandwiches or the word whore, this not over as Gary North critiques the frankfurt point in instead choosing like bionic mosquito, neogramscian or cultural hegelianism but altogether. They are fine with mutualists or ancoms whining over dreadlocks though. They play a double sided game blasting the subreddit


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