Church vs. State: The Biblical Case For Liberty

Church vs. State answers a variety of political questions from a strictly Biblical perspective. It was inspired by a desire to understand precisely what Jesus meant when He announced His plan “to proclaim liberty to the captives” and to “set at liberty those who are oppressed.” Common conceptions of what the Bible says about the State, nation, private property, capitalism, contract, taxes, slavery, and more are carefully examined and challenged. The war between Church and State is one of truly biblical proportions.

Read the free .pdf here: Church-vs-State

You can purchase Church vs. State: The Biblical Case For Liberty in the following formats:


1 thought on “Church vs. State: The Biblical Case For Liberty”

  1. The majority of Catholic and Orthodox I would guess to be supportive of a State. To me, anarcho-capitalism is a kind of decentralized State and therefore can fit within those frameworks but probably with qualifications. The best example is probably abortion: a Christian ancap “State”, if it’s possible to create such a thing, would have to be anti-abortion as abortion both violates the NAP and Christian moral teachings. It would seem to me many of the functions of the State that have historically been emphasized as providing for the necessary common good by Christian theorists, could be provided freely by private companies or nonprofits. I’d argue still that it would be lawful to re-form a centralized State if the free market could not provide such goods for the common good of society sufficiently.


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