An Honest Conversation About “Domestic Terrorism” and White Nationalism

This was republished from a twitter thread written by Klaus B @Hnnmnsch

So you want to have a conversation about “domestic terrorism,” & “white nationalism.” OK, I’ll start: What’s life like for your average 12 to 20-something white male? 1/

Does he spend time online reading news headlines? 2/



“But I’m a nice guy. I try to be nice to everyone.” 4/


“I’m NOT racist.” 5/



“How do I stop being racist?” 6/


“You know, I’ve been made fun of a lot by people of color because I’m white. Isn’t that racist too?” 7/

“That doesn’t seem fair.” 8/

“Jeong? Isn’t she that journalist hired by the NYT? What were these jokes?” 9/

“OK, that’s extreme, and clearly not a joke, but that’s just one journalist from just one media outlet. Right?” 10/


“OK, a few more, but still, just a few . . .” 11/

“Dogs? Barbecues? LOL, what else?” 12/

“This is ridiculous. Everything is racist and only white people can be racist? This can’t be true.” 13/

“Yikes. I don’t really like being white. I feel like it’s easier being anything else these days.” 14/

“I’ll see what my teacher/professor has to say about all this.” 15/


“But . . .” 16/

“What about . . .” 17/

“Where do they get their news from?” 18/














“Enough!” 25/

“I’ll just watch some TV to get my mind off all this.” 26/

“Not this again.” 27/

“I can’t even watch a movie anymore.” 28/

“Wait a minute. Who’s this guy?” 29/

“I like this dude. Hillary says I’m a . . . what?” 30/

“Yeah! Lock her up!” 31/

“I love my country too. I am a Nationalist!” 32/

“What does the media think of nationalism?” 33/




“Nationalists are also white supremacists?” 37/

“And what’s a white supremacist?” 38/


“Gun reform to stop white supremacists? Why do they need guns?” 40/

“Oh, because the media keeps saying there are too many white people. They’re trying to get rid of us.” 41/


“Without white people, how can you have true diversity?” 43/

“Oh, so diversity means no more white people. Surely they’re not promoting diversity then, right?” 44/



“Is this why I can’t get a job?” 46/

“I need someone to talk to about this. Maybe on social media.” 47/

“So what can I say on social media then?” 48/







“I just want to be left alone. I’ll stop watching television. I’ll stay off the internet. I’ll just have a family and live in peace.” 55/

“What? I never asked for this. I never voted for it. Just leave me be.” 56/

“There’s been another mass shooting. Media and politicians are freaking out about white people. They’re saying we’re responsible for most mass shootings, but . . .” 57/

“Surely there’s someone sensible out there. Someone who doesn’t hate white people so much. Someone with political power.” 58/


“Maybe there’s a group of people then, even if they have no political power. Someone who doesn’t hate me.” 60/

“What else am I to do? I can’t speak, I can’t complain or protest, I can’t get a good job or get into a good college, I’m called evil because I’m white, I’m told there’s no changing me, they won’t leave me alone. But I’m at the end of my rope. 61/

“The brown lady is right, about the wrong people.” End.

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