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White Children Matter

White Children Matter

The following is a list of forgotten White children who were either kidnapped, tortured, raped, sodomized, and/or murdered by Blacks. This list is by no means exhaustive and is limited to relatively recent examples in America:

02/20/1990: Greg Parker (12) was murdered by two Black men in his half brother’s home. He was shot in the back. As part of the same incident, Charlotte Jo (9) was raped and sodomized by the two Black men and likewise killed in Lambert, MS. Source:


1997: Two male White teens (14 and 15) and one female White teen (14) were victimized by 6 Black teens who attempted to murder all 3 by shooting each of them with a .22-caliber pistol in the back of the head and the girl in the face, but not before they gang raped her. One of the boys died and the other boy and girl miraculously survived in Flint, MI. Source:

02/22/2000: Jake Robel (6) was dragged to death when he was unable to get loose from his seat belt after a Black man car jacked his mother’s vehicle in Independence, MS. Source:

Young Boy Dies In Carjacking - CBS News


04/19/2000: Kevin Shifflett (8) had his throat slit by a Black man in a residential neighborhood. A witness testified that the murderer was also heard saying he “hated White people” in Alexandria, VA. Source:

Killer of 8-year-old boy wants transfer from Va. mental ...


01/29/2002: Jason Smith (16) had the left side of his nose bitten off by a Black man after being asked if he had any money to spare in Gadsen, SC. Source:

03/22/2003: Dana Marie Pliakas (17) was murdered by a Black man after he and his Black girlfriend tortured her all night in Pittsburgh, PA. Source:

2004: A White teenage girl forced into prostitution was killed by her Black pimp. This Black pimp was known for kidnapping and forcing multiple White teenage girls into underage prostitution in Queens, New York. Source:

01/01/2006: Stella Ann Harvey (9) and Ruby May Harvey (4) were beaten with a claw hammer and stabbed to death by two Black men and a Black female accomplice as part of the “Richmond Spree Murders” which ultimately left 7 dead in Richmond, VA. Source:


01/06/2007: Channon Christian (21) and Hugh Newsom (23) were savagely tortured, sodomized, raped, murdered, and dismembered by five Blacks in Knoxville, TN. Source:

10 Torture Murders That Will Curdle Your Blood - Listverse


09/21/2007: Emily Haddock (12) was murdered by 5 Black males. She was shot in the mouth and the back of her head in her own home. Source:

Why do the murders of these people get swept under the rug?


12/24/2010: Jonathan Foster (12) was kidnapped from his home, murdered, and had his body burned beyond recognition by a Black woman in Houston, TX.  Source:

Jonathan Foster


10/20/2012: Autumn Pasquale (12) was strangled to death by a Black teenager looking to steal parts from her bicycle in Clayton, NJ. Source:

Justin Robinson | Pronk Palisades


03/21/2013: Antonio Santiago (13 months) was murdered by two Black teenagers during an armed robbery in Brunswick, GA. Source:

Antonio Santiago Murder | De'Marquise Elkins | Brunswick ...


08/04/2014: Connor Verkerke (9) was stabbed to death by a 12 year old Black boy in a playground without provocation in Kentwood, MI. Source: Connor’s last words to his little brother were ‘If anything happens to me, it’s not your fault. I’ll always love you.’ Source:

Jamarion Lawhorn: Parents of 12-year-old murder suspect ...


07/06/2015: Lily Mai Coats-Nichols (5) was killed in a drive by shooting by a Black man in Topeka, KS. Source:

Jessie Hughes goes to trial for death of 5-year-old Lily ...


12/31/2016: 18 year old mentally disabled boy was kidnapped, bound, partially scalped, and tortured by 4 black teens who live streamed the abuse on Facebook whilst yelling “Fuck White People” in Aurora, IL. Source:

Facebook Live white man torture: Four black youths ...


05/23/2017: Reese Bowman (8 months old) was smothered to death by a Black female child care worker in Baltimore, MD. Source:


12/29/2018: Elizabeth Henson (5 months) was found dead and Black foster mother charged with injury to a child and child abandonment/endangerment. Source:

Elizabeth Henson


04/12/2019: Landon Hoffman (5) was thrown over the third floor balcony in the Mall of America (nearly 40 ft high) by a Black Somali immigrant man with the intent to kill in Minneapolis, MN. Source:

April 27, 2019


08/09/2020: Cannon Hinnant (5) was shot in the head and killed execution style in front of his sisters (ages 7 and 8) by a Black man who was also their neighbor in Wilson, NC. Source:

#SayHisName Trends After Media Do Not Report on Alleged ...


08/15/2020: Veronica Baker (17) was shot and killed in her car by 4 Blacks in the course of a robbery in Raleigh, NC. Source:

Four Black Teens Charged In Relation To Murder of North ...


Black Crime Matters

Who Kills Whom: The Truth About Black Crime:







Declining US Population of White Children




White Children Matter (WCM) Flier

8.5 x 11 in (2)

.pdf version of WCM Flier


White Lives Matter

The following is a list of Whites killed and their non-White murderers for just a single week in August between the dates of 08/09/2020 – 08/16/2020.  From top to  bottom their names are:

Cannon Hinnant (5)
John Shockley (24)
Nichole Merrell (30)
Veronica Baker (17)
Nathan Garza (18)


The following is a collage (by no means complete or exhaustive) of Whites viciously killed by non-Whites in recent history:


8 thoughts on “White Children Matter”

  1. I’m really glad to see you back with a timely article, even if it is just temporarily.

    However, in my opinion. You should be reading neo-reactionary literature, listening to NRx content creators and r/Dark Enlightenment that has material put in order.

    NRx is about how capital ‘P’ Power originates, acquires, evolves, devolves, and transfers. It will explain from a computer science, evolutionary technical perspective of what we are seeing from a relatively higher resolution.

    It’s a current and developing intellectual movement on the Right.

    Some NRx content creators to look at: Anamnesis, Right Reaction, Auuron MacIntyre, Charlamgne, Settlers Lament, Endeavour NRx, Dormant Dynasty, and Clossington.


  2. DFW saying the lives of certain children matter and noting their status as a non-protected or hated class is a “radical” opinion


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