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White Children Matter

White Children Matter The following is a list of forgotten White children who were either kidnapped, tortured, raped, sodomized, and/or murdered by Blacks. This list is by no means exhaustive and is limited to relatively recent examples in America: 02/20/1990: Greg Parker (12) was murdered by two Black men in his half brother’s home. He… Continue reading White Children Matter


Jewish Owned/Controlled Institutions

Jewish owned companies, media, and banks: Mall of America: Ghermezian Family Columbia Picures 20th Century Fox Paramount Warner Brothers Walt Disney Sony (Chairmen only) Universal MGM Tristar Pictures Lionsgate Bad Hat Harry Motion Picture Association of America Academy of Motion Picture arts and sciences New Line Cinema Miramax Dreamworks Hasbro Toys Toys R Us AMC… Continue reading Jewish Owned/Controlled Institutions


An Honest Conversation About “Domestic Terrorism” and White Nationalism

This was republished from a twitter thread written by Klaus B @Hnnmnsch So you want to have a conversation about "domestic terrorism," & "white nationalism." OK, I'll start: What's life like for your average 12 to 20-something white male? 1/ Does he spend time online reading news headlines? 2/ 3/   "But I'm a nice… Continue reading An Honest Conversation About “Domestic Terrorism” and White Nationalism


A Foundational Critique of Propertarianism

Introduction The purpose of this essay is to identify and critique the areas in which the propertarian conception of property deviates from the (Hoppean) libertarian conception of property.  This critique will be based upon Curt Doolittle's essay entitled "Proptertarianism's Property, Property Rights, and Obligations." For the critique I will examine some of Curt's premises along with each… Continue reading A Foundational Critique of Propertarianism


A Libertarian Appraisal of Propertarianism

Please consider purchasing a copy of White, Right, and Libertarian Introduction This will serve as a brief and informal assessment of Curt Dollittle's "propertarianism" from a (Hoppean style) libertarian perspective. A more in depth analysis may be performed in the future, but for now this should satisfy most proponents of each school of thought. The… Continue reading A Libertarian Appraisal of Propertarianism