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Historical Amnesia at Charlottesville

Everyone is aware that neo-Nazis were in Charlottesville earlier this month to protest the removal of a Confederate sculpture. Also among the ranks of protesters were members of the Alt-Right. Though it is commonly believed to be the case, the terms Nazi and Alt-right are not synonymous. The Alt-Right is multifaceted, just like any other… Continue reading Historical Amnesia at Charlottesville


Public Education, The Student Loan Bubble, and the Market Solution

For a more thorough examination of the free market solution to the public education system, see the "Education" chapter in A Spontaneous Order The Internet is most likely the greatest invention to date. Not only does it connect individuals all over the world, provide people with real-time news updates, expand market capability, and increase entertainment… Continue reading Public Education, The Student Loan Bubble, and the Market Solution


In Defense Of Libertarian Nationalism

The terms nationalism and nation have several, sometimes mutually exclusive, connotations in the United States. For some Americans, nationalism is about waving flags, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools, singing the Star Spangled Banner at sporting events, shooting off fireworks on the Fourth of July, and acknowledging one’s existence as a citizen of… Continue reading In Defense Of Libertarian Nationalism


Undercover Cops Endanger the Public

Just recently ABC 11, a news outlet that covers the Research Triangle region of North Carolina and some of the surrounding areas, published an article informing the public of “blue light bandits” pulling over cars outside the town of Smithfield and impersonating officers. These individuals attach blue lights to their vehicles, often vehicles known by… Continue reading Undercover Cops Endanger the Public


Exposing Marxist Academia

As the contemporary political climate becomes extremely hostile and the battle between the politically correct Left and social conservatives persists, academic historians are frequently called upon by the masses to provide insight on the problems of the nation. Should Confederate monuments be torn down? Is President Trump best compared to Adolf Hitler or Andrew Jackson?… Continue reading Exposing Marxist Academia