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The Alt-Right Needs To Reject National-Socialism

If you're reading this, you probably already know that the Alt-Right is a movement with many different factions, including traditionalists, nationalists, secessionists, populists, conservatives, Austro-libertarians, Hoppean anarcho-capitalists, minarchists, and Kekistanis. From the perspective of those who describe themselves as centrist or apolitical, national socialists are perhaps the most controversial of these factions. We're all taught… Continue reading The Alt-Right Needs To Reject National-Socialism


Why Entrepreneurs Deserve The “Surplus Value of Labor”

The completely just proposition that the worker is to receive the entire value of his product can be reasonably interpreted to mean either that he is to receive the full present value of his product now or that he is to get the entire future value in the future. But socialists interpret it to mean… Continue reading Why Entrepreneurs Deserve The “Surplus Value of Labor”


The Economics Of Racial Preference

Leftists wouldn't accuse every straight white male, who isn't a self-deprecating cuck, of white supremacy if they understood the praxeological insight that value is an expression of subjective preference. Having a subjective preference as a white person for the company of other white people to the exclusion of others is natural and doesn't necessitate a… Continue reading The Economics Of Racial Preference

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The Death of Mainstream Media and Globalism

There's too much debt, ethnic tension, and territory to protect for the United States federal government to remain intact as a territorial monopolist of taxation and ultimate decision making. The Federal Reserve's government protected monopoly on the circulation of currency is probably the only thing holding the political union between the states together, but the… Continue reading The Death of Mainstream Media and Globalism


Antifa Declares War on the West

Look, here’s the thing. All jokes aside right now. They may not look like much, but a lot of money and effort goes into organizing radical left-wing groups like Antifa. Anyone can verify for themselves on Craigslist that professional “activism” can be a fairly lucrative profession for military and college-age leftists all over the country. 2017… Continue reading Antifa Declares War on the West