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The Bizarre Alliance Between Islam And Feminism

Please Consider Purchasing A Copy Of White, Right, and Libertarian Avowed champions of venerable social justice causes often boast their love for the downtrodden and less prosperous collective groups. In pursuing such "noble" egalitarian pretenses, historical wrongs must be righted. Modern multicultural Western society has been diced up into groups and ranked by how oppressed… Continue reading The Bizarre Alliance Between Islam And Feminism


Professors Are Priests, SJWs The Congregation

Universities have become a specter of what they once represented – higher learning, rational inquiry, empiricism and science. Today, universities are a bacchanalia of pseudo-science, mysticism and superstition. The meteoric rise of social justice, hailing from the New Left of the 1950s, has orchestrated a formidable cultural overhaul throughout Western universities. The free speech movement… Continue reading Professors Are Priests, SJWs The Congregation


Why Economic Fallacies Are Taught

You may think that it is out of hubris that I brazenly chide most of what is peddled in public schools and universities as fallacious. Well, economists qua economists are well aware that their services can command greater remuneration behind the aegis of the State or University tenure than on the market. Roughly 80% of… Continue reading Why Economic Fallacies Are Taught

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Elitist Leftists: Why Much Of The Rich Hate Capitalism

A rather puzzling situation indeed. Why would society’s most well-to-do generally support higher income taxes, estate taxes, business regulations, Keynesianism, myriad social programs and the diminution of individual liberty? It may seem perplexing that the plutocrats opt for political candidates who are the most hostile towards capitalism. The majority of economic interventions harm the smallest… Continue reading Elitist Leftists: Why Much Of The Rich Hate Capitalism