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Fascism Is A Step Towards Liberty

Please Consider Purchasing A Copy Of White, Right, and Libertarian Introduction As many of you know, the target audience of Radical Capitalist (RadCap) ranges from right leaning libertarians/AnCaps to the Alt-right. RadCap wishes to demonstrate the complementary nature of libertarianism and the Alt-Right, and seeks to forge a union between the two. (For more on… Continue reading Fascism Is A Step Towards Liberty

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The South African White Genocide

The Situation Several weeks ago, the South African parliament voted to alter their constitution to allow the state to expropriate white-owned lands without compensation. This decision was accompanied by the usual leftist gaslighting and equivocation - right after declaring that “the state should be the custodian of the land,” EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) leader Julius… Continue reading The South African White Genocide

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Race and Crime: The Causes of Black Crime Rates

This essay was originally published on The Alternative Hypothesis under the same title. First, let’s look at the basic statistics on race and crime in America. Some people like to point out that Whites commit more crimes each year than Blacks. This is true, but only because Whites make up a greater proportion of the… Continue reading Race and Crime: The Causes of Black Crime Rates

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The Logical Case Against Gun Control

It’s that time again - the mainstream media and leftists all over social media are screeching at the top of their lungs for “common-sense gun legislation” in the wake of a school shooting. Libertarians and conservatives alike are writing plenty of articles to refute the media propaganda (see here, here, here, and here), mostly focusing… Continue reading The Logical Case Against Gun Control

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The Inferiority Complex of Diversity

Within this egalitarian wonder that is the modern world, we are often reminded that "diversity is strength" and that the socio-ethnic plurality of a group is crucial to its success (of course, in an economic sense, diversity may be a large source of strength but in this context it refers to a variety of skills… Continue reading The Inferiority Complex of Diversity