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Radical Capitalist Podcast Ep. 1: A Shot In The Dark Please Consider Purchasing A Copy Of White, Right, and Libertarian In this episode Chris Johncox and Chase Rachels talk about the ridiculousness behind the media's attempt to blame the recent Florida high school shooting on white nationalism and the Alt-Right. They also discuss the irony surrounding Jeff Deist's decision to speak at the 2018 Property and… Continue reading Radical Capitalist Podcast Ep. 1: A Shot In The Dark

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Equal Opportunity Is Not Libertarian

“Oh no, I don’t support equality of outcome, I support equality of opportunity!” This is a popular sentiment among normie liberals, “reasonable moderates,” “cuckservatives,” and the like.  Allegedly, “equality of opportunity” is the golden mean between equality of outcome on the far left, and total inequality on the far right. At first glance, the idea… Continue reading Equal Opportunity Is Not Libertarian


The Genetic Cause For Racial Differences In IQ

The following excerpts are taken from the article "The Definitive Word On Intelligence" originally published on American Renaissance  The g Factor This book is an investigation of the nature of intelligence, the extent to which it is under genetic control, and its uneven distribution between individuals and groups. The first part is a complete and sometimes technical… Continue reading The Genetic Cause For Racial Differences In IQ

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White Genocide In South Africa

Originally Published on with the title "Why Hatred of Whites Is Here To Stay" Not so long ago, mere mention of the deliberate murder of whites in South Africa—country folk and commercial farmers, in particular—was called "racist." "Raaacist!" the media collective brayed when candidate Trump retweeted a related "white genocide" hashtag. It's still "racist" to… Continue reading White Genocide In South Africa


What the Founders *Really* Thought About Race

Originally published at Today, the United States officially takes the position that all races are equal. Our country is also committed―legally and morally―to the view that race is not a fit criterion for decision-making of any kind, except for promoting “diversity” or for the purpose of redressing past wrongs done by Whites to non-Whites.… Continue reading What the Founders *Really* Thought About Race