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Against White Nationalist Terrorism

Originally published on Counter-Currents Publishing under the same title. White Nationalist terrorism—such as Brenton Tarrant’s shooting spree in New Zealand and the similar crimes of Robert Bowers and Dylann Roof—hurts White Nationalism and helps our enemies in at least four ways. First, the goal of White Nationalism is to persuade whites that we are better off… Continue reading Against White Nationalist Terrorism


Church vs. State: The Biblical Case For Liberty

Church vs. State answers a variety of political questions from a strictly Biblical perspective. It was inspired by a desire to understand precisely what Jesus meant when He announced His plan "to proclaim liberty to the captives" and to "set at liberty those who are oppressed." Common conceptions of what the Bible says about the… Continue reading Church vs. State: The Biblical Case For Liberty


A Biblical Defense of Ethno-Nationalism

Originally published on Faith and Heritage under the same title.  Some small edits have been made, however they have not impacted the substance of the essay. Ethno-nationalism is a belief system that affirms a traditional Christian understanding of families, tribes, and nations. Ethno-nationalism holds that nations are defined and rooted in common heredity, and that the… Continue reading A Biblical Defense of Ethno-Nationalism


A Foundational Critique of Propertarianism

Introduction The purpose of this essay is to identify and critique the areas in which the propertarian conception of property deviates from the (Hoppean) libertarian conception of property.  This critique will be based upon Curt Doolittle's essay entitled "Proptertarianism's Property, Property Rights, and Obligations." For the critique I will examine some of Curt's premises along with each… Continue reading A Foundational Critique of Propertarianism


A Libertarian Appraisal of Propertarianism

Please consider purchasing a copy of White, Right, and Libertarian Introduction This will serve as a brief and informal assessment of Curt Dollittle's "propertarianism" from a (Hoppean style) libertarian perspective. A more in depth analysis may be performed in the future, but for now this should satisfy most proponents of each school of thought. The… Continue reading A Libertarian Appraisal of Propertarianism