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Civilian Lives Matter!

“As I listened to the fallout from these stirring events, I wondered if this might be a moment when the media would reform themselves and only print actual news; for one thing, not all explosions of temper and so on are attributable to race. It would be nice if the media realized how dangerous they… Continue reading Civilian Lives Matter!

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Unite The Right Rally: A First-Hand Account Of The Planned Chaos

Disclaimer:  Everything expressed in this account will merely describe what I witnessed, and in no way expresses any views I specifically have regarding how and what should have occurred. I want people to know what I, as someone with first hand experienced, witnessed, so they aren't misled by the propaganda in the mainstream media. My… Continue reading Unite The Right Rally: A First-Hand Account Of The Planned Chaos

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Saving The West & Libertarianism From Cultural Marxism

What is Cultural Marxism? The term “cultural Marxism” is most commonly used by those on the right to critique leftist social movements such as feminism, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and others they perceive as degenerative cultural influences. Leftists, on the other hand, mock the concept as a “wing-nut conspiracy theory.” For the purposes of this… Continue reading Saving The West & Libertarianism From Cultural Marxism

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Exposing Black Lives Matter

There has been a sharp increase of news coverage on police brutality and Black Lives Matter (BLM) in the 2 years after the Ferguson riots.  BLM has grown into a giant movement that spans across the international stage [1]. Celebrities, businesses, and human rights groups eagerly support and endorse BLM.  Young people support the growing… Continue reading Exposing Black Lives Matter