Wealth Disparities In 3rd World Countries Due To Lack Of Capitalism

Many communists like to point to the supposed capitalism of third world countries as the cause of their very unequal distribution of wealth. Why is wealth in Western first world nations more evenly distributed than in third world nations? Afterall, families in 3rd world countries have been land owners for generations yet remain subject to… Continue reading Wealth Disparities In 3rd World Countries Due To Lack Of Capitalism


Why Entrepreneurs Deserve The “Surplus Value of Labor”

The completely just proposition that the worker is to receive the entire value of his product can be reasonably interpreted to mean either that he is to receive the full present value of his product now or that he is to get the entire future value in the future. But socialists interpret it to mean… Continue reading Why Entrepreneurs Deserve The “Surplus Value of Labor”


Exposing Marxist Academia

As the contemporary political climate becomes extremely hostile and the battle between the politically correct Left and social conservatives persists, academic historians are frequently called upon by the masses to provide insight on the problems of the nation. Should Confederate monuments be torn down? Is President Trump best compared to Adolf Hitler or Andrew Jackson?… Continue reading Exposing Marxist Academia


The Cancer of Left-Libertarian Economics

Originally published as "Kevin Carson and the Freed Market: Is His Left-Libertarian Vision Plausible?” by Tate Fegley in Libertarian Papers 8 (2): 273-292. ONLINE AT: libertarianpapers.org In recent years, the “free market anticapitalist” brand of left-libertarianism has received growing attention. Compared to other schools of libertarian thought, free market anticapitalists place greater emphasis on the… Continue reading The Cancer of Left-Libertarian Economics


Worldwide Taxation: Globally Handicapping America

A Prelude to Tragedy Since 1909 American companies have been subject to pay the government taxes on profit. Today that tax rate is 35% which is the highest in the world. As free market capitalists, we recognize that government regulation and taxation has all kinds of negative effects on companies and the market. From inflation… Continue reading Worldwide Taxation: Globally Handicapping America