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How Smurfs Communist Propaganda Is In Fact A Capitalist Wet Dream

There is a decades-old theory that the classic "Smurfs" was, in fact, a bit of communist propaganda. While I will not, for the most part, get into the theory's specifics here, I can recommend this 2011 Washington Times article as a launching point. The evidence certainly seems damning; the entire cartoon is rife with Marxist… Continue reading How Smurfs Communist Propaganda Is In Fact A Capitalist Wet Dream

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Historical Amnesia at Charlottesville

Everyone is aware that neo-Nazis were in Charlottesville earlier this month to protest the removal of a Confederate sculpture. Also among the ranks of protesters were members of the Alt-Right. Though it is commonly believed to be the case, the terms Nazi and Alt-right are not synonymous. The Alt-Right is multifaceted, just like any other… Continue reading Historical Amnesia at Charlottesville


Exposing Marxist Academia

As the contemporary political climate becomes extremely hostile and the battle between the politically correct Left and social conservatives persists, academic historians are frequently called upon by the masses to provide insight on the problems of the nation. Should Confederate monuments be torn down? Is President Trump best compared to Adolf Hitler or Andrew Jackson?… Continue reading Exposing Marxist Academia


“Universal” Healthcare Cripples Medical Care

It never ceases to amaze me that leftists generally oppose greedy corporate monopolies running your life for a profit, but have no problem whatsoever with a government bureaucracy managing your medical care with your hard earned tax money. Do they labor under a delusion that a government doesn't see its citizens as dollar signs while… Continue reading “Universal” Healthcare Cripples Medical Care


A Critique of Kevin Carson’s “The Free Market as Full Communism”

Before beginning the critique, a review of the definition of capitalism is in order. "Capitalism" simply refers to that system where all scarce goods (including land and the means of production) are subject to private ownership given they are acquired via original appropriation (first user and claimant of an un-owned good) or voluntary exchange...period. This… Continue reading A Critique of Kevin Carson’s “The Free Market as Full Communism”