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A Rebuttal To Horwitz’s “Libertarianism Rejects Anti-Semitism”

Introduction You may recall Steve Horwitz as the self-proclaimed left leaning Austrian economist who has accused the Mises Institute and Jeff Deist as having Nazi sympathies and engaging in Nazi dog whistling.  The most recent example of this was Horwitz's vitriolic response to Deist's speech entitled "For A New Libertarian" owing to Deists innocent use of… Continue reading A Rebuttal To Horwitz’s “Libertarianism Rejects Anti-Semitism”

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Libertarianism Is NOT Opposed To All Forms Of “Collectivism”

Is Libertarianism Individualistic? One of the most common criticisms of libertarianism from conservatives and progressives alike goes something like this: "Libertarians want a world where everyone is reduced to an atomized, 'free-thinking' individual competing ruthlessly with other individuals in the marketplace in Social Darwinistic fashion, with no institutional loyalties or connections to anything beyond themselves.… Continue reading Libertarianism Is NOT Opposed To All Forms Of “Collectivism”

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Make Libertarians Conservative Again

Many in the libertarian world believe that “conservatives and liberals are both equally terrible” and that “one cannot be both libertarian and conservative/liberal.”  What is meant by these catch phrases is that any self-described liberal or conservative ought to be routinely rejected by virtue of his willingness to use such “mainstream” labels.  The problem with… Continue reading Make Libertarians Conservative Again