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A Rebuttal To ‘The Alt-Right Isn’t Libertarian’

After first denying that the phenomenon was authentic, lolbertarians have developed a bizarre obsession with the alt-right. Perhaps it's out of jealousy from being upstaged, as libertarians have waned substantially since the retirement of Texas Congressman Ron Paul. Without any leadership qualities to fall back on, lolbertarians can only do what they do best in… Continue reading A Rebuttal To ‘The Alt-Right Isn’t Libertarian’

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Why “Liberty Hangout” Sold Out

Originally published by Liberty Machine News under the title "Liberty Sellout" For months Liberty Hangout (LH) has portrayed themselves as a right-wing libertarian platform that was favorable to the alt-right. They embraced Hoppean alt-right pundits and helicopter memes, while moving the overton window of the libertarian movement rightwards. They even had an implicitly pro-white editorial stance for a… Continue reading Why “Liberty Hangout” Sold Out