Libertarianism is not Egalitarianism

In recent years, the more leftist or progressivist libertarians have increasingly promoted egalitarianism. There is a sort of contemporary presumption that libertarianism requires a variety of egalitarian tendencies.  That is to say, we are told that as libertarians, we ought to vocalize our support and enthusiasm for all types of "alternative" lifestyles, cultural practices, and… Continue reading Libertarianism is not Egalitarianism

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Post Debate Analysis: Kokesh Vs. Molyneux on Immigration

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQ3Mqp5bQsg The following is a critique of the recent debate between Adam Kokesh and Stefan Molyneux on the topic of whether immigration restrictions will be more or less conducive towards achieving an Anarcho-Capitalist society.  My personal stance on the subject is exhaustively laid out in "The Libertarian Case Against Open Borders." Summary Overall, Kokesh's participation… Continue reading Post Debate Analysis: Kokesh Vs. Molyneux on Immigration

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Hyper-Individualism: A Libertarian Anti-Social Disorder

Before we begin, it would behoove us to define legal individualism and hyper-individualism, so there is no confusion between the terms. Libertarianism is very much about legal individualism, i.e. that the individual's discretion over his private property (whether that be his person or owned external good) takes legal precedence over the will of the State and… Continue reading Hyper-Individualism: A Libertarian Anti-Social Disorder