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Going Nuclear (Family) Against The State

The nuclear family, defined as a monogamous pair bonded couple raising their mutual offspring, is the first and last defense of private property and, by extension, civilization itself.  Unfortunately, Cultural Marxism is progressively eroding these fundamental pillars of civilization, making it the greatest threat to our way of life and standard of living. The Neolithic Revolution,… Continue reading Going Nuclear (Family) Against The State


Single Mothers and Feminism Ruin Children

Single parenthood, especially single motherhood, is a devastating epidemic in the United States. The majority of child abuse perpetrators and welfare recipients are single mothers. Fatherless homes cause delinquency, crime and psychological damage. Mothers are not solely to blame, but their lack of desire to commit to their own wellness and baby daddy is. Now,… Continue reading Single Mothers and Feminism Ruin Children


The Effect Of Leftism On Women

Women, as a whole, are trending ever further left and are destroying western civilization as a result. While I'm not condemning all women, I am seeing their time preferences generally shifting ever higher. Women are becoming less likely to defer gratification more than any time in recent history. This shift is correlating with the destruction of… Continue reading The Effect Of Leftism On Women