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Against White Nationalist Terrorism

Originally published on Counter-Currents Publishing under the same title. White Nationalist terrorism—such as Brenton Tarrant’s shooting spree in New Zealand and the similar crimes of Robert Bowers and Dylann Roof—hurts White Nationalism and helps our enemies in at least four ways. First, the goal of White Nationalism is to persuade whites that we are better off… Continue reading Against White Nationalist Terrorism

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Defining and Defending a Libertarian Populism

Originally published on Is populism inherently bad? Deirdre McCloskey, speaking earlier this month to a meeting of the Mont Pelerin Society in Stockholm, certainly thinks so. Her broad and sweeping liberal critique of populism focused not on criticisms of current populist movements, but rather on the big-picture issues of tyranny and prosperity. And to… Continue reading Defining and Defending a Libertarian Populism