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Elitist Leftists: Why Much Of The Rich Hate Capitalism

A rather puzzling situation indeed. Why would society’s most well-to-do generally support higher income taxes, estate taxes, business regulations, Keynesianism, myriad social programs and the diminution of individual liberty? It may seem perplexing that the plutocrats opt for political candidates who are the most hostile towards capitalism. The majority of economic interventions harm the smallest… Continue reading Elitist Leftists: Why Much Of The Rich Hate Capitalism

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Zuckerberg Proposes UBI Socialism

​As the debt clock continues to climb by the second, more and more power players on the world stage are floating the idea of a universal basic income. Not least of which is Mark Zuckerberg himself, calling on Havard's recently-graduated class to strive for this goal in their lifetime. Yes, a billionaire who made his… Continue reading Zuckerberg Proposes UBI Socialism


“Universal” Healthcare Cripples Medical Care

It never ceases to amaze me that leftists generally oppose greedy corporate monopolies running your life for a profit, but have no problem whatsoever with a government bureaucracy managing your medical care with your hard earned tax money. Do they labor under a delusion that a government doesn't see its citizens as dollar signs while… Continue reading “Universal” Healthcare Cripples Medical Care