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Medieval Libertarianism

Originally published on Bionic Mosquito The stateless Middle Ages were the only example of a functioning anarchic order in the West. The ‘Reactionary’ Libertarianism of Frank van Dun, by Richard Storey. Forgive the length of this post and the multiple links.  I am thinking it is necessary to capture and summarize my thoughts on this topic,… Continue reading Medieval Libertarianism

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Hoppe’s Foreword to “White, Right, and Libertarian”

Please Consider Purchasing A Copy Of White, Right, and Libertarian.  Also, see "Clearing Up the Hoppe Foreword Controversy."   The social theory sailing nowadays under the label “Austro-Libertarianism” has a long and prominent history going back many centuries, culminating during the second half of the 20th century in the work of Murray N. Rothbard, and continued today… Continue reading Hoppe’s Foreword to “White, Right, and Libertarian”

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White Genocide In South Africa

Originally Published on IlanaMercer.com with the title "Why Hatred of Whites Is Here To Stay" Not so long ago, mere mention of the deliberate murder of whites in South Africa—country folk and commercial farmers, in particular—was called "racist." "Raaacist!" the media collective brayed when candidate Trump retweeted a related "white genocide" hashtag. It's still "racist" to… Continue reading White Genocide In South Africa


What the Founders *Really* Thought About Race

Originally published at AltRight.com Today, the United States officially takes the position that all races are equal. Our country is also committed―legally and morally―to the view that race is not a fit criterion for decision-making of any kind, except for promoting “diversity” or for the purpose of redressing past wrongs done by Whites to non-Whites.… Continue reading What the Founders *Really* Thought About Race

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The Origin, History, and Uniqueness of Western Law

Originally Published on Mises UK “When accordingly it is inquired, whence is evil, it must first be inquired, what is evil, which is nothing else than corruption, either of the measure, or the form, or the order, that belong to nature.” ~Augustine of Hippo The study of Western Civilization has been all but eradicated. This was no… Continue reading The Origin, History, and Uniqueness of Western Law